Tuesday, May 1, 2012

God ,Philosophy and books!.

hi there,
i am sure that London will be great , then i will be in Bangkok for the new year.
yesterday i was at khosar market ,Islamabad,
there was a lovely book shop there called "London books".
i discovered a very great novel over there called "in the country of men" by Hisham Matar who is a Libyan writer , it was for more than 500 rupess , i really like that book and i want to read it,.
the good news is that i got an email from author Reza Aslan although i have not even read his books .
"slum child" by Bina Shah looked very interesting.
i will be gone to Karachi in a few days, there is a chain of libery books over there. i want to meet Hisham Matar!.
i want to read thousands of books in my life,
i want to read Reza Aslan's book "no God but God:the origon,evolution and future of Islam"
i want to read it since i got an email from him.
i wil buy books from abroad , like London.
Karachi is going to be fun, i will go to the beach ,
i will meet relatives , maybe my grand mothers sister takes me around ans buys me books like she did before,.
London will an international party.
Karachi is my favourite city in Pakistan , it is a happening place,dam?
i am really upset and sick of every thing , i don't want to live in Pakistan,
i am upset!.
i had a dream that i was swimming in Bangkok,that will happen in decemeber when i go to Thailand!.
i want to read Reza Aslan and comment on his book , my obsessive compulsive disorder does not end.
i like going to the doctors!.
just  about 3 months to go and i will party over there in London!
so many writers live in london!.
it will be great!.
when i was in Bangkok , i discovered a very big book shop in a shopping mall , i will go over there when i visit Bangkok in december!.
i have not been to Canada in  around 9 months,
i want to go to Canada and live over there instead of being in Pakistan,
i need a break  , which i will get by going to Karachi and then to London in  the summers!.
i want  to watch all the episodes of the X Files.
that show is great!.
i would like to read book by Shirley Maclaine!.
i want to spend the rest of my life dancing in Bangkok , oh yes , i love that place!.
when will all this end?
this problem?
i used to write for the newspapers when i was 13,
i read Michel Onfray a few years ago!.,
the book shops in India are pretty good i have heard!.
why cant i shift to Canada?.
where there is justice and there is freedom?
i was in Washington D.C in the summer of 1998.
i was in Hawaii in July , 2003 with my Mother's sister!.
i miss Canada.
i don't like Doctor Zakir Naik one bit!.
what will i be doing 50  years from now?
i like Albert Campus?.
Joyce Carol Oates is great,
i read her "rape:a love story"
i like Mahatma Gandhi , i saw the movie
"Gandhi my father" which is about his son!.
Salman Rushdie has been to India a number of times i believe!.
there will be great night clubs in London!.
i miss the hard rock cafe of  Toronto.
i saw various books yesterday at that book shop ,
they had Karen Armstrong , Nadeem Aslam,Paulo Coleho,etc,.
they also had Reza Aslan's  book.
Shirin Ebadi is an Iranian lawyer and i am inspired by her very much so.
Ahmed Rahisd wrote "descent into chaos"
i also like Anthony Flew.
i read Karen Armstrong's "a short history of myth"
i cant forget the night clubs of kuala lumpur,
i love travelling all over the world,
bye,Danial Tanvir!.