Thursday, July 10, 2014

we hit the night clubs of Bangkok

hello there
its danial tanvir here
i had gone to Canada last year and then i was in bangkok and as a matter of fact i am going to bangkok again on the 16nth of july,2014.
my father and i hit the night clubs and book shops of bangkok.
we party all night long and rock the dance floor.

i will be visiting some of the  book shops and also party on music.

i will be gone to bangkok and to pattaya.
my mother is in canada and she is in toronto,she will be  back inn some weeks time and i sent her a list of the books i wanted her to buy for me .

i forgot to tell you that i read the book ├źnd of faith"by Sam Harris and it was really very good/
i want to have lunch  with salman rushdie

shirley maclaine talks about UFOS

we party all night on the streets of bangkok.
i have to become a writer.
i am still ill you know but i do take medicines.
i might go to the USA in september after my result comes.
Sam Harris book was great , my mother might bring his other book "

""letter to a christian nation"

Christopher Hitchens past away

his memoir was called 'hitch22"
i do miss the heart of toronto , the streets of bangkok,the beahces of pattaya and the book shops of kathmandu.
screw this mental illlness.
i will party and swim in pattaya
bangkok is truly heavenly
i wanted to meet christopher hitchens but he passed away.
where does the universe keep on going?
obsessive compulsive disorder and schizophrenia is the dealiest combination.

we party in bangkok and pattaya ...yippy...
when will this illness end?
the suffering will never end?

nothing can be done?.
will the UFOS come and get me?
area 51?
X Files?
 i wonder what my a level result will be

i am ill,