Saturday, December 14, 2013

I LOVE the streets of Bangkok...Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.books..thailand?.the earth is just a tiny dot in the i come!.

hello there,
Its Danial Tanvir here,
what can i possibly do in this bloody life?
i am ill you know.
i have obsessive compulsive disorder, that really sucks , it has been going on for several years and i do not know what to do..

i have to close swithches,copboards and to close windows and drawers,

you know these are compulsions that i have to do some where in school..

this is terrible,
i hope i am cured of this illness,

the best part is yet to come:
i am going to Bangkok,Thailand on the 27nth of december,2013
i cant wait to get over there,

i will party all night long on the streets of bangkok on songs such as "gagnam style"
and ïnternational love"and "godd feeling"etc.

our driver will drop us to the airport and then off we go to the lovely heaven on earth which  is Bangkok,
i will vist the book stalls over there and also go to a chain of books called "asia  books"
and will buy books such as"night maire in Bangkok"
and "welcome to hell"
\and a book on buddhism called "what makes you not a  buddhsit:"

i saw that  book in Kathmandu a long time ago,

i will party all night lone on the khao san road
i LOVE the khao san road and will dance there and go to the book stalls and go to the shopping malls which have book shops on religion,.

DEATH to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder..
may go to laos or combodia or vietnam or the bus to malaysia.
may hit the baches of Pattaya, i feel miserable , i feel like crying....

bye,Danial Tanvir.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

when will this illness end?

hey there.
how are you guys?
do read my blog and feel free to leave comments,
i am really sick of this life and as i said there is nothing to do in life,
a wrote a couple of articles for the news papers about accid attacks and about the need for there to be more books and about how people in pakistan need to deal with mental illness,
they got published in nation and daily times,etc.
as i said before the US government is covering up UFO consiparacy theories and i do want to visit area 51,
most likely to meet shirely maclaine.
i might go to lahore for eid next month for about a week, i still have the book 
by gary renard called    "disappearance of the universe".
  obsessive compulsive disorder still screws  up thing , well it can go to hell and can screwed up some where.
i have compulsions in school , doing stuff again and again and i have had just about enough with this illness,
i have the chinese writers book "red sorghum'
by Mo Yan and i have that book which my father brought from china.

i will go to the readings book shops when am in lahore, and
 on friday , a few days ago i went to a great party in marriot hotel of islambad and they were serving alcahol and the  party was on,
there were poeple from the US,
it did not look like pakistan and it seemed as if youve entered a night club of new york,

i will go to Thailand in december to party and hit the night clubs of bangkok and the beaches pf pattaya.
i might by PG.Woodhouse or Reza Aslan's book 

i want to die because this illness has taken a toll on me and i can not take it any more,
this is the tipping point like malcom gladwell's book,

i do want to party in bangkok and dance the night away on gagnam style or bruce springsteen,
the dinner at marriot was quite lavish actually,
i will party in bangkok but the compulsions continue to ruin me

why cant i go to some other planet and meet aliens in UFOS'
i do go to the doctor,
my blog had views from all over the world including israel,
i will be gone to lahore on the daweoo bus for eid, 

i studied law today and do want to dance in thailand....

danial tanvir,
24rth of september,2013.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

there is nothing to do in life...

hey its Danial Tanvir
I do want to become  a  writer and sell over 100 million copies world wide.
my father has  gone to china and he will bring books by Chinese writers from me from china.
I am sick of this  bloody miserable life,'
life is miserable and the sufferings will not end ever.

I really want to go and party on the streets of Bangkok with my father,
it has been over a  month since I came back from Canada and I had to stay in Lahore for a few days while my dad had gone to America,
I LOVE the night clubs of Pattaya and I want to hit them,
I do like the book shop called "asia books"

I feel great pitty when I am  unable to  read books,
as you know I have obsessive compulsive disorder and that I hear voices,
this has ruined every thing ,for example I have to close switches and taps countless times due to this illness and this disorder,

life SUCKS and then you die.

I have Gary Renards book with me
"the disappearance of the universe"
I want to go to Bangkok  Via Maldives to meet my step mother,

I read the  book "burned alive" by Souad , it was based in the middle east, I read it in two days , it was disturbing about how women are treated badly by people.

I don't know when this illness of mine will end,
I have been suffering from this bloody obsessive compulsive disorder since 6 years which means since august,2007,
that sucks and my father is in china, I did write an article on acid attacks,
I am DANIAL TANVIR , writer.

where does the universe keep on going and why does god do this to people,God?

there are aliens who live on other planets and come in their UFOS to get people,
I cant even read, that sucks ,I want to read hundreds of books,
I don't know what to do or to say,
god is not just,
I want to party in Bangkok and Pattaya.
I went to a small book shop today,
they had reza aslan's  book and also Mohsin Hamid.
I hope I get abducted by a UFO,
the aliens do not want to alarm the human race,
I am from Pakistan,
I would like to travel in the far east and  party.
perhaps go to sri lanka or Maldives and have nutella and watch the X Files,
I have lived in Islamabad and Lahore,
in a  few days , I will go to pick my father from the airport
I did go to school today and studied law and sociology.

I might go to Bangkok and party on music,
bye , Danial Tanvir,
the 3rd of September,2013
the planet earth , universe.

Monday, July 29, 2013

What can i possibly do???..

why are we  here?
who made us
why  is life  so  miserable?
I have been in Canada  for less than 2 months,how ever I am going back tomorrow,a flight from Toronto to Lahore,
I really do miss Islamabad and I do miss my beloved father,
I feel depressed  and my heart continues to sink,

I did  not have fun in Canada  but I still feel bad going back,

obsessive  compulsive disorder is what my life is all about, I have been suffering from it for 5 years and 11 months,
as you know that I have to  close switches and taps here and there and I know that when I go back  to my own country,pakistan, I will have to do all that shit,
I might have to do stuff as my step father and grand  parents  house there in Lahore and trust me this obsessive compulsive disorder can be worst than hell and torture and I might have to do these bloody compulsions  there and it really sucks,

I have been to the book shop  many many times

I bought "why I am not a muslim"
by author Ibn Warraq and also

"restless" by novelist william boyd and also
"the disappearance of the universe"

by gary renard and some one gave me a present , the book
"the lanuage of god"

I do like indian music and I do miss the heart of Bangkok which I fell in love  with some time ago,

I feel great misery in this world and you know that I am mentally ill and this illness does not seem to get cured no matter how hard  I try,
I hear voices and have compulsions,

life is miserable and in my case  its just impossible,

I just cant wait to be back in my nice room in Islamabad,pakistan  and to decorate all those bloody books on the  dammed shelf,
I really want to be back home in my lovely Islamabad and  to go to school.

the bloody compulsions continue to bother me and I have had just about enough but after all Pakistan  in my own country and I can always go to the book shops in Pakistan , I really  do want to go and live in Islamabad, I miss it a lot and I want to dance on the  music in Islamabad

I miss Islamabad so much that I was  about  to cry looking at pictures of Islamabad on google,

I do hope that this bloody mental illness of mine is cured , as you know about my obsessive compulsive disorder,and I do hear voices off and on , a  few times a week,

I went to the indigo book shop at eaten center and it was  nice,

I said  good bye to my friend who I made at the book shop,
and atleast I got some books from this bloody trip,

please read my blog and leave comments,
I will be very  happy when I am going to Islamabad on the bus from Lahore on Daewoo, I can not wait for this to happen.

bye,Danial Tanvir.
29th of July,2013
the planet earth.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

i am in Canada but am missing the heart of Islamabad.

hello there,
I have not been well recently,
I am very depressed and I feel great misery in life,
how ever ,life is meaningless and there is nothing to do in life except to rot in this miserable world,

obsessive compulsive disorder has ruined every thing,
as you know I have to close switches and taps here and there in Pakistan but that shit has followed me in Canada,
I have to flush the toilet 4 times in some dammed bath room in Toronto, this drives me insane and I do hear voices some times,

the trip to Canada has been a nightmaire, I have been able to read some books and most lately read "the light between oceans" by M.L.Stedman,
I bought Christopher Hitchens book on god and also kept the Ibn Warraq book on hold in the eaten center book shop ,Toronto as it is not available in Pakistan , my father is having a boll of a time in London and New York,
I really want to buy a few books,
coming back to the point , I am home sick, I mean seriously for some reasonI am missing Pakistan too too much, I miss the heart of Islamabad,
I really just want to go back to my own country PAKISTAN,

I will be in Lahore before my father comes black from the USA,
I just want to buy as many books as I can and run from Canada and trust me , I am never coming to this bloody Canada again and also:

I MISS Islamabad, I want to read P.G Woodhouse ,Karen Armstrong , all this is the memory of christopher hitchens , I can always go to the readings book shop in Lahore or saeed book bank in Islamabad,

I want to be back in my beloved room in Islamabad,
I have never missed my lovely Pakistan so much in the history and now I will be in islamabad but will have to wait for a few days in Lahore and I have to give my exams and go to Bangkok via Kathmandu or perhaps Sri Lanka and party on the great music and visit the book shops,
SOME one help me with this bloody OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

I LOVE Islamabad , MISS my own  lovely beloved country Pakistan!.

bye,danial tanvir,
16nth of july,2013

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Christopher Hitchens,UFOS and Canada,....

it has been a while since author Christopher hitchens  passed away.

he will be missed by me and by other people

his book sold 500,000 copies
but i wanted it to sell millions,
i do really want to read Ibn Warraq,
he has written many books about stuff.

i  do know that the west is the best.
what about what happene to Musharraf?.
i will be gone to Canada on the 4rth of june,2013 and i am really excited,
i am going there with my mother and will have a party time,

in down town toronto, as toronto is very classy.
i am in islamabad,pakistan right now,

i was thinking about UFOS lately

\despite the fact that i have never seen a UFO in pakistan although i am a believer .
that reminds me of the X Files,\\\

i did watch a few episodes of californication starring david duchovny.

what about UFOS?

will they come and get me?

\what about area 51

toronto is very classy

i can never  forget thoes days in january , 2013 when  i used to party all  night long on the streets of bangkok which people from all over the world.
they were Jews from Israel
but i am fascinated by the country israel.

should read christopher hitchens  over and over again.

Geert Wilders..want to meet him
denmark is freedom,

i will go to tim hortons in toronto , might go to the USA or to hawaii or  new york,washington  dc,.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the west is freedom , the east is oppression, i LOVE HITCH22!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

i was born in lahore,pakistan in september,1993.
i have lived in pakistan for 18 years and i am sick and tired of this country,

pakistan is a crazy country where there is religous fanatics , there is oppression,misery and injustice,.

the west is freedom and the east is oppression,.
the west in the best,

i will have to go to lahore on the daewoo bus from islamabad some time in early june , in order to go to canada,

there is a chapter of Irshad Manji's book where she says "'thank god for the west".

i had a dream that  i went in to a book shop and all i could see was Christopher Hitchens books,.

i cant wait to go to canada,
and buy "hitch22""  form a book shop in canada,

Friday, March 15, 2013

going to Canada in june,2013. Toronto is very classy.

its danial tanvir jafri over here

i   have  been  writing  alot  on this blog of mine,
i want to read hundreds of books  in my whole bloody life

right now i am  in my fathers flat here in islamanbad (khudadad heights).

i might be going  to Canada in early some time in june,2013


last time i was in canada was in august,2011.

i cant wait to get to canada,
i will be some where in toronto and mississauga
i want to leave  this stupid and miserbale country and shift to canada,

i love th CN Tower,eaten center and rogers center,

and i want to sing bruce springsteen "dancing in the dark"
over there, cant start a fire without  a spark...even if we are just dancing in the dark,
he is the Boss.

i will be in the GREAT mississauga

i will work at the chapters book shop near sqaure one and will  READ SALMAN RUSHDIE AND CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS.


i will party all night long in the hard rock cafe of toronto,.

please do read my blog and feel free to leave comments,


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pakistani writers:"how to get filthy rich in rising asia" by 'mohsin hamid and "the blind mans garden" by nadeem aslam,.

hi its danial  tanvir here,
i just came back from thailand a few weeks ago,
right now i am in islamabad,
it  is raining  here in islamabad,

i do like saeed book bank in islamabad.

a  few days ago there was the literally festival in lahore where many writers came,
i was unable to attend the function , how ever  my mother was over there,

there was many  writers who  came over there for example mohsin hamid , nadeem aslam,william dalrymple,tariq ali,etc.

it  is possible to have a party time on the streets of islamabad,

i love to read and write,
i do want to read "nine lives" by william dalrymple and "the case for god" by karen armstrong,
i have exchanged emails with karen armstrong,

i love mohsin hamid ,  i have read "moth smoke" and also "the reluctant fundamentalist"

i have met mohsin hamid,
his new book "how to get filthy rich in rising asia"

i like Nadeem Aslam, too,
i have read his"the season of the rain birds' and "maps for lost lovers"

i have not read "the wasted vigil"

he is a brilliant writer and his new book "the blind mans garden" is coming out,my mother heard Nadeem Aslam's speech in lahore,
i cant WAIT to read these new books by nadeem aslam and mohsin hamid and i want to read their previous books again,

i will become a writer one day,
life is meanigless,
there is no purpose or point in life and all the sufferings in the world,
i do MISS  Canada some times,.
bye,Danial Tanvir Jafri.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The book shops of Bangkok.

life can be very unfair sometimes,
and what i slife but endless suffering and unjustice,
i have been in thailand for a couple of days now and i have been rocking the dance floor with people from all around the world  on the khaosan road and the streets of bangkok,
bangkok is truly heavenly.

i managed to go to the book shop yesterday and i had a blast,

they had salman rushdi'es luka and the fire of life,

i loved looking at the  books around the book shop,
i really did have a great time in the book shop,

i shortlisted many books to buy which included a long way home by ishameal beah and also nightmaire in bangkok and also a  great book on buddhisim,

 buddhists are very peaceful people and they dont even harm animals,

i ended up buying a very nice book on christianity  called  kisses from katie,

it really does seem like a great book,

i do LOVE the book shops of Bangkok,

obsessive compulsive disorder can drive a person crazy, i mean seriously

in  a few days i willl have to go back to that bloody pakistan,
well i hate pakistan
pakistan sucks,
bye,danial tanvir jafri.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

pattaya twlight!!!!!!!.thailand,.

hello guys
its me danial  tanvir.
i was dancing to the  beat of the music in  my islamabad home
there were many song for example

international love and good feeling.

\i caught the flight from islamabad to bangkok , from there i took the bus to pattaya which is a city in bangkok,.
i fell in  love with the city.

i went to the waling street and rocked the dance floor,going to different night clubs and starbucks, from where i had some thing to drink,
i hit the shopping in search of  a book shop,
so i finally found a book shop called
"asia books"

it was heavenly.
i found Salman Rusdhie's

"midnighst children"
and Imran Khans book,
also karen armstrong and also my favourite "morality" by christopher hitchens.

they were many books on buddhism.
i also saw a book called nightmaire in bangkok , which is about a man in a thai prison,
i bought a book called "in the shadows of the buddha"
today i hit the beach of pattaya and swam in the sea with other people.
i really enjoyed the walking street of pattaya , i have fallen in love with this place already.

in 2 days time , i am going to be in bangkok and iwill rock the dance floor on the streets of bangkok.

i will stay at  the villla cha cha hotel  and will rock the dance floor all night long/!!!!1

oh right!!!!

bye,danial tanvir jafri.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I want to read all the Salman Rushdie and Christopher Hitchens books!!!...

hello guys
its danial tanvir
i would like to say that obsessive compulsive disorder and schizoprenia are the deadliest combination,
its drives me crazy, i spend a long time closing swithces and taps in my house in islamabad and it really sucks,.
tomorrow,our driver Sajjad will drop us to the airport and i will be off to Bangkok,
 i fell in love with Bangkok in august,2011
i cant wait to go there are jump in to the swimming pool
 of the villla cha cha hotel in bangkok,
life is miserbale,
the compulsions bother me,.

i will read all the salman rushdie and christopher hitchens books, will buy them from the book stalls of bangkok,.
life really does suck , dosent it?\i am sick of this bloody pakistan,
i am sick of this country , have lived here for 18 years,pakistan really does suck,.
i will hit the night clubs of patayya and have a great time?.