Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"moth smoke" by Mohsin Hamid and Sufi siants!.

i have read "moth smoke" by mohsin Hamid,
it is about a person who is a herion addict and starts having and affair with his best friends wife,
this book is based in 1998 , the summer of pakistani nuclear test,
i read this book in 2008 and i really liked it,
this book is based in lahore,pakistan,
in this book the characters travel to the old city of lahore which includes data darbad,badshai masjid and lahore fort,
i love going to the old town of lahore,
i really like it,
there is a very good restaurant called"cocoo's den"
i would recommed every one to read this book although it is depressing,
i want to go to the Sufi shrines in search of a Sufi saint who will end my sufferings,
Sufi reminds me of the poet Rumi.

chapters,book shop,mississauga,Canada.

i can still remember the chapters book shop in mississauga,canada,
there are books being sold,
there is a starbucks next to it and i can smell coffee
there are books by Sam Harris and Irshad Manji
,by the way i have the Irshad Manji book with me.
i really miss Canada,
i really miss the chapters book shop in mississauga,i hope that a miracle happens and i fell happy and all the compuslions vanish,
i like listening to Indian songs,
little India in sinagpore was nice.
i miss the university of toronto , and i want to study there,

i really want to have a flat in down town toronto.
i miss hard rock cafe of Toronto,CN Tower,Eaten center, book shops,
book shops in toronto,
canada is magical.
i like the indian song
"hai junoon'
i miss tim hortons iced capp and brownies,
whats is chapters comapred to readings?
i have been to naigra falls,
there is a section of philsophy and relgion at chapters .
i hope i go to Canada soon!.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Canada was great!.

i really do miss canada,
i was there in july,2011
i was not in toronto but in mississauga,
i used to go to a place called tim hortons every day from where i had used to have hot chocolate and a brownie,
i really miss canada,
we used to go to Toronto every other day,
there was a shopping mall called suare one,there were also book shoos such as coles and chapters
i miss toronto specially the hard rock cafe an the eaten shopping mall,
i dont know why i came back from Canada
i eventually want to shift to canaada,
in july ,2003 , i was in Hawaii with my mothers sister and it was amazing , we went to all the beaches and had a blast,
i saw girls doing the hula dance
it was amazing!.

i am missing Islamabad!.

i really am missing Islamabad,
i love my city,
i like to go to saeed book bank which is a book shop in islamabad , the books there are very expensive,
you can find a lot of copies of books by Ahmed Rashid or by Karen Armstrong.
right opposite to it is the old books collection , i really like that book shop, the people working there know me,.
i also like to hang out in the hot spot in islamabad where i like to have choclate ice cream, their ice cream is really good,.
i am really missing islamabad , i will be there in June.

villa cha cha hotel ,khaosan road,Bangkok,Thailand!.

i hope the compulsions end soon,
i love Bangkok and i will be going there is June,
the great thing about Bangkok is the Khaosan road.
people are enjoying them selves drinking alcahol
and having a party time not caring about any thing at all,.
i cant wait to go to Bangkok and jump in to the swimming pool of villa cha cha.
Bangkok is truly heaven on earth!.
i have to close taps and switches in the tech society home,
when will the world end
i am listening to an Indian song,
Lata Mangesh Kar makes me want to write.
i discovered a huge book shop in a shopping mall in Bangkok , they had

i went to readings book shop the day before yesterday and they still had one copy of Christopher Hitchens book!.
Bangkok is great!.

Friday, March 16, 2012

the unheard cries!.

hello there
i had a law exam yesterday but did not know much,
i went for luch to Punajab Club with some family.
i came back to Zaman Park,
i like writer called Anthony Flew,
he passed away.
there are two very good book shops in Lahore called 'variety" and also "readings"
i love going there,
due to obsessive compulsive disorder i have to do things like having to close switches and taps at my grand parents house,etc.
it is really very terrible,
i miss Canada a lot and wonder why i came back,
the chicken and chips at Punjab Club were good,
when will thsi world end?
i would love to go to India, there are good book shops over there,
i want to become a great lawyer like Asma Jahangir and do good things for my country,.
no one emails me.
i hope i feel better soon.
i will be gone to Bangkok in june,
i left my life and school in islamabad and came to Lahore,i should have stayed over there,
Mohsin Hamid is working on his next book,he told me this.
it is amazing how "the God delusion" by Richard Dawkins is available Pakistan,.


Monday, March 12, 2012

streets of Toronto and Salman Rushdie!.

i really miss the streets of Toronto,Canada.
i went to the hard rock cafe over there and started singing Bruce Springsteen songs,
like one is called "dancing in the dark"
i really want to go back and live over there,.
i hope i am cured of obsessive compulsive disorder.
i want to travel around the world and become a writer,
i am listening to a very nice Indian song called"hai junoon"
i also want to meet Salman Rushdie and to read his books.
i have read "the kite runner"
some parts of it were really touching,.
"Gandhi my father" is one of my favourite movies,

i hope i will go to Canada soon and live there,
Karachi is my favourite city in Pakistan,
the beach is nice.
i like to hang out at "ctc" or coffee,tea and company in Lahore,Pakistan.
reagards,Danial Tanvir.

Bangkok,book shop,Kathmandu,Christopher Hitchens!.

i love to walk on the streets of Bangkok,
there are people dancing the night away , enjoying them selves,
partying all night long,
i have travelled to Kathmandu,Toronto,Bangkok.etc.
i discovered a big book shop in Bangkok where they had Christopher Hitchens book "Hith22"
and Bangkok is heaven on earth , i want to spend the rest of my life dancing in Bangkok.

Christopher Hitchens and Canada book shop!.

life is full of unspekable agony and where does the universe keep on going?
i have to go to school tomorrow,
i am upset due to certain things.
i really miss Canada ,i really miss mississauga , i was there for 7 weeks
i loved it.
there was a very nice book shop over there called "chapters"
i really want to go back to Canada and live over there,.
i have been obsessed with christopher hitchens since the middle fo 2007 and i cant even read his books due to some problems but i really want to read his book "Hith22"
bye,Danial Tanvir.

Pakistan and Christopher Hitchens!.

hello there
how are you?
obsessive compulsive disorder makes me do things like closing taps and switches and doing things again and again.
i came back from Singapore one month ago,
i love to travel in the far east,
i hope these compulsions go away soon,
i get obsessive thoughts,
i will be going to Bangkok in June,2012.
i really do miss canada, i was over there in july.2011.
i hope i feel better,
i love going to the readings books shop , here in lahore,Pakistan,
i want to be locked in there for three months so that i can read all the books,
i will be happy when i am going to Islamabad,Pakistan.
i want to spend a few hours in the book shop,
dam i miss Canada=Toronto!.
i wanted to meet Christopher Hitchens but he sadly passed away!.
bye,Danial Tanvir,.

John Forbes Nash is great!.

i respect and admire John forbes Nash a lot,
he was the great mathematician who won the nobel prize in economic sciences in 1994,.
there is a film made on his life "a beautiful mind"
i have seen that movie and it is great movie and a must watch!.
it has shown how John Forbes Nash dealt with paranoid Schizophrenia and it is amazing how he fought this illness and did such great things for humanity!.

remembering Abdus Salam!.

i really admire and am impressed by the Pakistani scientist Abdus Salam who won the nobel prize in physics in 1979.
he was the only Pakistani to have won the nobel prize,
we should have promoted him instead of criticizing him for what religion he followed , it is a shame!.
he did such great things and this is how we treated him?
what a shame!.

x files fan!.

i am a very big fan of the tv show "the X Files"
it is a tv show that ran for 9 years , and had 9 seasons and has 202 episodes,
i have watched around almost 60 episodes of it and i love this show,
it is all about Aliens and UFO'S
and i can watch it over and over again , i love the X Files so much and i want to be abducted by a UFO!.

Christopher Hitchens book!.

i went to the readings book shop in Lahore,Pakistan.
i went there looking for a book called
"the wishe maker" by Ali Sethi,they had that book and then i went around the book shop looking at books.
i went to the religion section where i saw Christopher Hitchens book "God is not great:how religion poisons every thing"
i could not belive my eyes that that book is available in Pakistan and i was in a state of shock for a few hours!.