Monday, April 30, 2012

Salman Rushdie VS Imran Khan!.

a few days ago , i really enjoyed watching the videos of Salman Rushdie and Imran Khan and about how they attacked each other, it was actually very funny,Imran Khan's arguments were weak but Salman Rushdie presented such strong arguments , they were so devestating that they made Imran Khan shut up!.
he defended free speech in a superb mannner!.
i loved watching all these videos!. and i really wish that one day i am able to meet Sir Salman Rushdie, i have not even raed any of his books, i am really happy that i am going to london in july and i migth also go to the states and Bangkok in december for the new year!.there is a nice book shop in Islambad , called "old book collection" , they have lovely books but they are really expensive, i made an account on Twitter,
i want to read Hisham Matar (Libyan writer) and to meet him , i like Tahmima Anam.
London will be an international party!.Salman Rushdie is on twitter,i want to become a lawyer like Asma Jahangir , i have met Mohsin Hamid, i have read Michel Onfray!.i have not been to the states in nearly 8+years.i want to get midnights children signed by Salman Rushdie!, i had a dream that i met Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasrin and i also went to Bangkok in my dream!. Bangkok will be great in december!.dam!.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

london olympics,2012 here i come!.

i went to the doctor yesterday,
i have this problem of obsessive compulsive disorder,
i controlled the compulsions in lahore , like  closing taps and switches , how ever some stuff bothered me in islambad.
i have controlled compulsions in lahore although they still bother me,
in islamabad i had to close taps three times in my rooms bath room,
 i had to see if the tap was on or off in three bath rooms,the kitchen
and qaurter.
i had to close switches in the living room.
 i had to close cabinets and cupboards in the qauarter.
 i had to close switches in two other rooms but i did not do that,; i had to close the window in the roof but did not do it.
 the compulsions to cose taps still bothers me.
this is the crazy stuff i have to do,
i hope it end soon,
i will be gone to london in july2012 for the summer olympics,
that is just great,
i will have a party time over there,
olympics is an international party where you dance and party alll night long!.
i miss bangkok , our original plan was to go there but then my father wanted to go for the olympics,
how ever , i willl go to bangkok in december , 2012.
i love travelling,
i will have loads of fun in london,
i am sick of living in pakistan and i want to shift to canada or thailand,
i was missing lahore and i wanted to go over there,
i hope there are good book shops in london,
i want to see a UFO!.
i am waiting for a miracle to happen!.
i like  this song " i got a feeling"
it reminds me of malaysia,
what will i be doing 50 yeras from now?
i saw the book "a golden age" at old books collection by bangladeshi writer , tahmima anam.
i cant wait to go to london,
bye,.danial tanvir.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bangkok here i come!.

hello there,
i came to islamabad from lahore a couple of day ago.
i went for a walk in islamabad , i visited the saeed book bank,
i also have a cute dog called "billy".
it took her for walks.
i still have the compulsions
i controlled the ones in lahore but they still bother me, in islamabad i have to close taps and switches in rooms,
i am fighting all this , i hope it end soon,
today i went to the sarena hotel where i had choclate ice cream,.
i might be going to karachi next month,
i like going to karachi , they have good book shops like liberty book.
i am looking forward to going there.

the good news is that i am going to bangkok in them middle of june,.
this is too good.
i will go to the travel agent to get the visa and tickets conformed,
i will have a party time over there and talk to all the tourists.
bangkok is heavenly.
i want to spend the rest fo my life there,.
right now i am in islamabad in my father's office,
i have been watcing vidoes of writers like Taslima Nasrin and Ibn Warraq on you tube,.
i cant wait to go to karachi and then to bangkok,
i might go for a long walk today,.
the sad part will be coming back from bangkok.
i kept all my books on the table in my room,.
just less than two months to go and i am in bangkok.
Salman Rushdie's new book is out but i have not even read his books.
i like music by maroon5 , black eyed peas and also Rihanna.
they remind me of Bangkok.
i always wnated to go to india and bangladesh while listening to Lata Mangesh Kar.
i might also go to malaysia,
i loved the night clubs and hard rock cafe in kuala lumpur.
it was amazing.
i danced all night long.

regards,danial tanvir.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bangkok is great ?shifting to islamabad?

i had gone to Islamabad for a few days,
i came back to Lahore.
i went to readings and looked at different books.
i still have compulsions to close taps and switches at my grand parents house in tech society and also in zaman park,
i hope and wish that they end soon,
i am very lucky because i will be gone to Bangkok in June with my father,
yes indeed that will be great,i love walking on the streets of Bangkok,
i went to school today and studied Law and Sociology,
i will be shifting to Islambad eventually.
i like to go to the old book shops of Islamabad.
i hope these sufferings end soon,
i will dance all night long in the dance clubs of Bangkok,
by the way there is a film coming out on
"midnights children"
i also bought the Christophert Hitchens book from readings.
i like reading Joyce Carol Oates,.
i cant wait to jump in to the swimming pool of Villa Cha Cha,
i will be going to islamabad on the Daewoo bus and will stay there for good,
i really like this song "Moves like jagger',.
no one replies to my emails,
i want to become a writer and a lawyer.
the situation in Pakistan is becoming bad , i might run away to Canada and live over there,i might go to south africa in december,
if we have enough money that is,
my father is really great!.
i was dancing in Malaysia,
the book shops of Kathmandu were great.
i like to blog.
i am counting the days to go to Bangkok,
bye,danial tanvir.