Wednesday, January 15, 2014

whats the point of making people suffer so much?...God?

there is nothing to do in life?

whats the point of making people suffer so much?
why does god make people suffer?
what is there to do in life,
I have been ill for many years now,
as you know about my obsessive compulsive disorder which has  ruined every thing.

I love reading  books and that too I can not do,

I had gone to Thailand for 16 days and I came back a few days ago from there back home to Islamabad,pakistan,.

I had a blast over there,
I was dancing to the beat of the music in Bangkok and hitting the night clubs of pattaya

i made friends who gave me a  book called "the teachings of buddha'
and also bought a  book called
by Christian writer Philip yancey,
and also "night maire in bangkok"
and also a  book called "rebel Buddha""
i still have jamil ahmad's'  "the wandering falcon"and '"the disappearance  of the universe by Gary Renard"
i want to buy
'rasing my voice "and "a case of exploding mangoes"
some thing by Salman Rushdie which my mother brought from India..
i hear voices?
joshwa how could you?

i have to give my exams of sociology and law, i don't think i will pass but i do not know what to do except to hit the night clubs of Bangkok joshwa?
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bye,danial tanvir jafri.
15nth of January,2014