Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the books i have been reading!.

hello there
its danial  tanvir,
i just came back from lahore to islamabad a couple of days ago.
the good news is that i have been reading books,
i finished reading "the outsider" by French author albert camus.
i liked the book actually , i give it 6 out of 10.
how ever , it was nothing that great.

the novel is about a man whoes mother passes away and he takes leave from the boss , but he shows no sign of sadness after his mother dies,
and every one is shocked because of this attitude that he has.
it talks about atheism as well,
then he commits a crime , he just kills some one for no reason at all ,
he is arrested for the crime he ahs commited and  his thougts
are described, how he feels and all  .
it was a short read though ,
i think Mohsin Hamid's "the reluctant fundamentalist" is better.
the other books i am reading is a collection of short stories by pakistani author 
which is called "in other rooms,other wonders"

by daniyal mueenuddin.
i liked his stories specially "our lady or paris"
i enjoyed reading these stories,
although i forget what i read,
i have read 150+ pages of this book and will finsih it soon.
i also read 40+ pages of "in the country of men" by  libyan auhtor hisham matar,
i loved it, it was a great book , i will finish it soon.

next on my reading list i have  hisham matars" the anatomy of a disappearance by hisham matar,
i also have Irshad Manji on my reading list , i will finsih all these book  within a few days.
i will go to saeed book bank or the old the old books collection or mister book , and buy a book.