Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pakistani writers:"how to get filthy rich in rising asia" by 'mohsin hamid and "the blind mans garden" by nadeem aslam,.

hi its danial  tanvir here,
i just came back from thailand a few weeks ago,
right now i am in islamabad,
it  is raining  here in islamabad,

i do like saeed book bank in islamabad.

a  few days ago there was the literally festival in lahore where many writers came,
i was unable to attend the function , how ever  my mother was over there,

there was many  writers who  came over there for example mohsin hamid , nadeem aslam,william dalrymple,tariq ali,etc.

it  is possible to have a party time on the streets of islamabad,

i love to read and write,
i do want to read "nine lives" by william dalrymple and "the case for god" by karen armstrong,
i have exchanged emails with karen armstrong,

i love mohsin hamid ,  i have read "moth smoke" and also "the reluctant fundamentalist"

i have met mohsin hamid,
his new book "how to get filthy rich in rising asia"

i like Nadeem Aslam, too,
i have read his"the season of the rain birds' and "maps for lost lovers"

i have not read "the wasted vigil"

he is a brilliant writer and his new book "the blind mans garden" is coming out,my mother heard Nadeem Aslam's speech in lahore,
i cant WAIT to read these new books by nadeem aslam and mohsin hamid and i want to read their previous books again,

i will become a writer one day,
life is meanigless,
there is no purpose or point in life and all the sufferings in the world,
i do MISS  Canada some times,.
bye,Danial Tanvir Jafri.