Sunday, July 22, 2012

London Olympics 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello there,
its been a while since i have written any thing on my blog.
a few weeks ago i finished reading ''in the country of men'' by libyan writer hisham matar,
it was amazing,
it is about a 9 year old boy growing up in libya. his child hood has been described in it and about his life,
it was really nice, it is the best novel i have read,.

there are just a few more days left to go for the london olympics,
i sent me comments to BBC and they called my father and said that they wanted us to make a  video.
i also gave my comments on the blog about the games.
the guardian  new paper liked  my comments and high lighted them,.

there are just a few more days left for the london olympics,
i cant wait for them,
i am from pakistan,
london looks perfect,
i will party all  night long and will go to the book shops.
i am counting the days now for the olympics to start,
i will be in the UK for nearly a month and might go to manchester and ireland as well , i will rock the dance floor on bruce springsteen.
i will be in bangkok in december ,
as i said before bangkok is heaven on earth.
tomorrow i will have to go to lahore for 2 days and will be back to islamabad,.
i cant wait to go to london, i have an early morning flight  in august,2012.
our driver sajjad will drop us to the airport  late night on the 1st of august,2012 and we will go to london,england via muscat.oman,.

i will be in england and will really have a wonderful time and obviously go to all the book shops,.
i do miss canada a lot,.
i have to start school from 1st septermber,2012,.
i might go to karachi in october , i love going there,.
it is   a great city and the book shops are good,
they have a nice chain of  books called liberty books,.
i have another book with me which i want to read , it is called

'"the know world"  by Edward P Jones,.
it is supposed to be a really good books,.
i will rock the dance floor in london like any thing and will make friends with people from all over the world,.it is the month of ramzan in pakistan,,.
i like the X Files,.
where did the UFO'S go?
i should read CS Lewis,.
i got emails from sam harris but i have not read him
that sucks?.
i will be in lahore tomorrow going on the daewoo bus,,
i always enjoy the bus ride.
i miss canada,.
tim hortons?
eaten center:
book shops?
i loved bangkok and malaysia , they are heaven on earth,.