Tuesday, October 30, 2012

i am in search of a Sufi Saint!!!.

I am how ever in a search for A great Sufi Saint how will end all the misery and oppression and will free me of all worries, i am waiting for a miracle , how ever, i know that miracles do not happen just like that.
life is nothing but endless suffering,
there has to be a way out of all this nonsense in life.
i was watching a very stupid movie called "around the word in 80 days"
i go through great misery in my whole life.
today i was very upset due to the compulsions i have,.
i also heard voices today,.
i will be going  to islamabad on  the 7nth of november when my father comes from china.
i will enjoy over there and i do miss islamabad a lot,
i want to read many books but am unable to due to the thoughst that i get that bother me to a great extend.
i want to become a writer.
i do believe in black magic.
i will be meeting a great Sufi saint who will help me,.
i want Sir Salman Rushdie to read   my book and give his comments on it,.
i do love my grand mother Nasreen Safdar Butt.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mohsin Hamid's How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia

I have read both  the Mohsin Hamid books

"moth smoke' and 'the  reluctant fundamentalist and i can not WAIT to read his new  book,
i love this guy and i want to see him win the booker prize,.
i am missing islamabad and will  go  there on the daewoo buy when my father is back from China,.
i have met mohsin hamid and i might end up  reading both his previous books again,

Friday, October 26, 2012

i LOVE Islamabad!!!!!!!.

i am in lahore,pakistan,
and one should think about how it is like to be rotting on the streets of life,.
life is nothing but endless sufferings and injustice.
i will have to do the compulsions (obsessive compulsive disorder)
, to close taps and switches in my grand parents house,
as a matter of fact this girl Malala has become a celebrity over night.
i have read about her.
i MISS  the party scene of islamabad,
well screw these bloody compulsions.
i like to go to papasallis in islamabad and have chicken pizza and mountain dew,.
i love each and every thing about my beloved city of islamabad,
then we have the macdonalds park where i go for long walks with my father,
my father is GREAT!.
we also have kohsar market where we have a  book shop called london books and we also have gloria jeans.
i might go to BANGKOK,THAILAND , in january,.
black magic does exist my friend.
I cant wait for the day i will be going to islamabad from lahore on the daewoo bus and my father and driver will come to pick me up,
my best friend Danish Jahangir Khan abandoned me,.
islamabad is heavenly,
then we have marriot hotel and sarena,
i remember where the marriot bombing happened,
i was in lahore and heard the news and came to islamabad, was trying to read Mohsin Hamid and also Frederich Nietzsche,.
Bangkok will be great,
i want to do paragliding in patayya like i did before in phuket,
i went for a walk around zaman park and like it,. tried to check out feryal ali gauhar but could not find her,.
i got to the imperial school and it is great,.i miss the PARTY scene of Islamabad and have to dance all night long,.

obsessive compulsive disorder,book shops of kathmandu,streets of bangkok,zaman park,lahore and saeed book bank,islamabad.

i can never forget the book shops of kathmandu,nepal and i can never forget the day i did paraglding in phuket,thaialand,
both these places were heavenly,
they are reall great places,.
the compulsions drive me insane,
i might have to  close switches and taps at my grand parents house,.
i love it in islamabad,
there is a book shop called saeed book bank over there which  is nice.
i want to read noam chomsky,
they cover their head at the sound of the Azaan,
tomorrow is eid,
no one reads my blog,.
what about area 51?
i might go to bangkok in january with my great father,.i will go to patayya and do paragliding,
i will also party all night long on the streets of bangkok and will make friends from all over the world,
have choclate nutella pan cakes and listen to bob marley,,'
where the universe keep on going?
mohsin hamid;'s new book "how to get filthy rich in dieing asia" will be out this march , 2013,
life is actually worst than hell and the sufferings will not end,.bye,danny t.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ayaan Hirsi Ali,tech society compulsions and the party scene of islamabad.

hello there
its danial tanvir,
i have had a  very miserale life because of obsessive compulsive disorder and also due to schizophrenia.
i really miss islamabad,
i love the party scene of islamabad.
i bought a few books from readings book shop'like infidel by ayaan hirsi ali and miracles by cs lewis and descent into chaos by ahmed rashid,.
i must read all these bloody books,
i am at my step fathers house in zaman park, lahore,.
i go to the imperial school in islamabad,.
i will start reading infidel, i love the books i have and have bought,.
eid is the day after tomorrow,.
the day after it is called taru.
having to go to my grand parents house in tech society is worst than a night maire because when ever i go there, i end up closing switches and taps in the whole house,.
for example the compulsions till bothers me , having to close taps in the bath room and switches in some rooms,.this is ocd (obsessive compuslive disorder) and is worst than hell,.
this is no laughing matter,
it is a very serious problem and can make a persons life literally hell,.
i might go to saeed book bank in islamabad and buy karen armstrong or noam chomsky   books,.
i hope these compulsions get lost,.
i miss canada while listening to the song "hai junoon'
it is an indian song,.
i want to read hundreds of books,,
i went for a walk in the zaman park today,.
i enjoy going to readings book shop,.
the obsessive thoughts do bother me,
now life is nothing but endless suffering,.
the west is the best.
i miss the party scene of islamabad , my school,my house , every thing,.
i am severely ill,,
i have some serious problems,.
it seems as if some ones has cursed me,.
no sufi saint or jesus can come to help you,
this life is not hell , it is worst than hell,.
i have the  book "the known world' by edward p jones to read,
i will open up my room is islamabad and inahbit it with books and new papers,.
i hang out at the hot spot ice cream place in islamabad where teenagers come and rock the dance floor,.
i am counting the days to go to islamabad but the worst part is the compulsions in tech society , like closing taps and switche,
dam?thats sucks/

Friday, October 19, 2012

books,philosophy and bangkok twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......

hello there
its me Danial Tanvir.
i am in rawapindi right now.
i live in islamabad.
i might be going to lahore tomorrow from islamabad  on the daewoo bus , i always enjoy tavelling on daewoo although they give rotten things to eat.
the journey is pretty nice.
my father is going to china for 2 weeks time and i will have to stay in lahore although i have no interest in going there,.
i will be there on eid and i always enjoy that.
i will go to the readings book shop and buy books.
i am thinking of getting Noam Chomsky or Ayaan Hirsi Ali ,
by the way Sir Salman Rushdie's new memoir is out , i want to read it,
i just finished reading hisham matars new book ,.
i also read Irshad Manji's book on Islam.
no one reads my blog and nor does any one email me,.
i was in washington dc in 1998  , and i have not beeen to the USA since 2003 , i really want to go there because the east is oppression and the west is freedom but what about Bangkok?

i go to school and study law and meet the girls and boys over there,.
and the party scene of islamabad is really on.
we rock the dance floor in the ice cream place called hot spot and the ice cream is good and all the teenagers hang out over there,.
the party scene is great of islamabad and we party all night long,.
i have obsessive compulsive disorder and have to close switches and taps in two  houses in lahore,pakistan, i hope this ends soon,.i am at my uncles house Talmeez Abbas.
i miss Canada specially tim hortons and the chapters book shop, i want to read several thousand books,.
pakistan is  a very dangerous country , you saw one thing wrong and you are gone,.
i dont like crickiter and politician imran khan for some reason,.
i like to party all night long, in karachi they have liberty books and my grand fathers sister buys me books from there,.
i love the hotel villa cha cha in bangkok and i might go there in december or january.
in islamabad they have saeed book bank and mister books,.
i want to take Sir Salman Rushdie for chocolate ice cream,.
i was in Hawaii in july , 2003 and it was heavenly , i just went for chocolate ice cream,.
After reading irshad manji , i too belive i can write  a book ,.
i just want to go to lahore and come back to islamabad quicky and never have to go back there again ,. my school is called imperial in islamabad and it set for a party time,. i hope that i become better and recover from all this ,. i might go to hotel crown plaza for high tea with my father,.

i am at crown plaza right now and have to go to lahore tomorrow,. i dont want to go there,. i want to go to the book shops of kathmandu and live in the  heart of bangkok.
bye  ,danial tanvir,.

Friday, September 28, 2012

sam harris,shirley maclaine,books,canada and UFO'S.

hello there
its danial tanvir here,.
i just came back from london,england a couple of weeks ago.
i went all over england,
i went to belfast,edinbra and also machester but afourse what i enjoy the most is london,
i loved it in london,
i went to all the night clubs and partied all night long.
obviously i also went to the book shops and bought several books whcih include sam harris "the end of faith'
i have not read it yet but will do so when am free.
i also bought a book called 'i am all over that and other confessions"by actress and writer called shirley maclaine,.\i went ti book shops in london mancehster and ednibra.
in this b9ook shirely maclaine tals about her travels around the world,about how she has given up on religon ,
she talked a lot about UFO'S and the fact that they have visited the earth but have not told any one becuase the do not want to alarm the human race,she also talked about reincarnation and about her fight will bill o rielly of fox news,
i loved this book by shirley maclaine and would like to read more books by here,.
it has not even been a month since i came from england to pakistan and i have been to lahore from islamabad several times,
i still have obssessive compulsive disorder,
i spend hours closing taps,switches,etc in two houses in lahore and one in islamabad,
that raelly does suck
i hope it gets better soon,.
i have started going to school but i cant even study much.
i went to the raedinfgs book shop in lahore a few days ago and i bought some really nice books\which included 'the god delusion"by richard dawkins,.they had this book in the book shop,.
i hope this illness ends soon,.
my mother is coming from lahore todaya and i will hang out with her and go to the kohsar market with her and there is alos a very nice book shop over there,.
i do miss canada alot and have not been there in more than a year,how ever i might go there next year,\how ever i might go to bangkok in decmber for the new year,
bangkok really does rock,.
i might go to the saeed book book today with my mother,.
i have boooks to read by sam harris,richard dawkins and irshad manji,.
have loads of books ot readm,
i like the song "criminal'from the indian movie raone.
i was in hawaii in july,2003
i hope i go ther again ,.
bye,danial tanvir,.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

London Olympics 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello there,
its been a while since i have written any thing on my blog.
a few weeks ago i finished reading ''in the country of men'' by libyan writer hisham matar,
it was amazing,
it is about a 9 year old boy growing up in libya. his child hood has been described in it and about his life,
it was really nice, it is the best novel i have read,.

there are just a few more days left to go for the london olympics,
i sent me comments to BBC and they called my father and said that they wanted us to make a  video.
i also gave my comments on the blog about the games.
the guardian  new paper liked  my comments and high lighted them,.

there are just a few more days left for the london olympics,
i cant wait for them,
i am from pakistan,
london looks perfect,
i will party all  night long and will go to the book shops.
i am counting the days now for the olympics to start,
i will be in the UK for nearly a month and might go to manchester and ireland as well , i will rock the dance floor on bruce springsteen.
i will be in bangkok in december ,
as i said before bangkok is heaven on earth.
tomorrow i will have to go to lahore for 2 days and will be back to islamabad,.
i cant wait to go to london, i have an early morning flight  in august,2012.
our driver sajjad will drop us to the airport  late night on the 1st of august,2012 and we will go to london,england via muscat.oman,.

i will be in england and will really have a wonderful time and obviously go to all the book shops,.
i do miss canada a lot,.
i have to start school from 1st septermber,2012,.
i might go to karachi in october , i love going there,.
it is   a great city and the book shops are good,
they have a nice chain of  books called liberty books,.
i have another book with me which i want to read , it is called

'"the know world"  by Edward P Jones,.
it is supposed to be a really good books,.
i will rock the dance floor in london like any thing and will make friends with people from all over the world,.it is the month of ramzan in pakistan,,.
i like the X Files,.
where did the UFO'S go?
i should read CS Lewis,.
i got emails from sam harris but i have not read him
that sucks?.
i will be in lahore tomorrow going on the daewoo bus,,
i always enjoy the bus ride.
i miss canada,.
tim hortons?
eaten center:
book shops?
i loved bangkok and malaysia , they are heaven on earth,.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the books i have been reading!.

hello there
its danial  tanvir,
i just came back from lahore to islamabad a couple of days ago.
the good news is that i have been reading books,
i finished reading "the outsider" by French author albert camus.
i liked the book actually , i give it 6 out of 10.
how ever , it was nothing that great.

the novel is about a man whoes mother passes away and he takes leave from the boss , but he shows no sign of sadness after his mother dies,
and every one is shocked because of this attitude that he has.
it talks about atheism as well,
then he commits a crime , he just kills some one for no reason at all ,
he is arrested for the crime he ahs commited and  his thougts
are described, how he feels and all  .
it was a short read though ,
i think Mohsin Hamid's "the reluctant fundamentalist" is better.
the other books i am reading is a collection of short stories by pakistani author 
which is called "in other rooms,other wonders"

by daniyal mueenuddin.
i liked his stories specially "our lady or paris"
i enjoyed reading these stories,
although i forget what i read,
i have read 150+ pages of this book and will finsih it soon.
i also read 40+ pages of "in the country of men" by  libyan auhtor hisham matar,
i loved it, it was a great book , i will finish it soon.

next on my reading list i have  hisham matars" the anatomy of a disappearance by hisham matar,
i also have Irshad Manji on my reading list , i will finsih all these book  within a few days.
i will go to saeed book bank or the old the old books collection or mister book , and buy a book.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

God ,Philosophy and books!.

hi there,
i am sure that London will be great , then i will be in Bangkok for the new year.
yesterday i was at khosar market ,Islamabad,
there was a lovely book shop there called "London books".
i discovered a very great novel over there called "in the country of men" by Hisham Matar who is a Libyan writer , it was for more than 500 rupess , i really like that book and i want to read it,.
the good news is that i got an email from author Reza Aslan although i have not even read his books .
"slum child" by Bina Shah looked very interesting.
i will be gone to Karachi in a few days, there is a chain of libery books over there. i want to meet Hisham Matar!.
i want to read thousands of books in my life,
i want to read Reza Aslan's book "no God but God:the origon,evolution and future of Islam"
i want to read it since i got an email from him.
i wil buy books from abroad , like London.
Karachi is going to be fun, i will go to the beach ,
i will meet relatives , maybe my grand mothers sister takes me around ans buys me books like she did before,.
London will an international party.
Karachi is my favourite city in Pakistan , it is a happening place,dam?
i am really upset and sick of every thing , i don't want to live in Pakistan,
i am upset!.
i had a dream that i was swimming in Bangkok,that will happen in decemeber when i go to Thailand!.
i want to read Reza Aslan and comment on his book , my obsessive compulsive disorder does not end.
i like going to the doctors!.
just  about 3 months to go and i will party over there in London!
so many writers live in london!.
it will be great!.
when i was in Bangkok , i discovered a very big book shop in a shopping mall , i will go over there when i visit Bangkok in december!.
i have not been to Canada in  around 9 months,
i want to go to Canada and live over there instead of being in Pakistan,
i need a break  , which i will get by going to Karachi and then to London in  the summers!.
i want  to watch all the episodes of the X Files.
that show is great!.
i would like to read book by Shirley Maclaine!.
i want to spend the rest of my life dancing in Bangkok , oh yes , i love that place!.
when will all this end?
this problem?
i used to write for the newspapers when i was 13,
i read Michel Onfray a few years ago!.,
the book shops in India are pretty good i have heard!.
why cant i shift to Canada?.
where there is justice and there is freedom?
i was in Washington D.C in the summer of 1998.
i was in Hawaii in July , 2003 with my Mother's sister!.
i miss Canada.
i don't like Doctor Zakir Naik one bit!.
what will i be doing 50  years from now?
i like Albert Campus?.
Joyce Carol Oates is great,
i read her "rape:a love story"
i like Mahatma Gandhi , i saw the movie
"Gandhi my father" which is about his son!.
Salman Rushdie has been to India a number of times i believe!.
there will be great night clubs in London!.
i miss the hard rock cafe of  Toronto.
i saw various books yesterday at that book shop ,
they had Karen Armstrong , Nadeem Aslam,Paulo Coleho,etc,.
they also had Reza Aslan's  book.
Shirin Ebadi is an Iranian lawyer and i am inspired by her very much so.
Ahmed Rahisd wrote "descent into chaos"
i also like Anthony Flew.
i read Karen Armstrong's "a short history of myth"
i cant forget the night clubs of kuala lumpur,
i love travelling all over the world,
bye,Danial Tanvir!.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Salman Rushdie VS Imran Khan!.

a few days ago , i really enjoyed watching the videos of Salman Rushdie and Imran Khan and about how they attacked each other, it was actually very funny,Imran Khan's arguments were weak but Salman Rushdie presented such strong arguments , they were so devestating that they made Imran Khan shut up!.
he defended free speech in a superb mannner!.
i loved watching all these videos!. and i really wish that one day i am able to meet Sir Salman Rushdie, i have not even raed any of his books, i am really happy that i am going to london in july and i migth also go to the states and Bangkok in december for the new year!.there is a nice book shop in Islambad , called "old book collection" , they have lovely books but they are really expensive, i made an account on Twitter,
i want to read Hisham Matar (Libyan writer) and to meet him , i like Tahmima Anam.
London will be an international party!.Salman Rushdie is on twitter,i want to become a lawyer like Asma Jahangir , i have met Mohsin Hamid, i have read Michel Onfray!.i have not been to the states in nearly 8+years.i want to get midnights children signed by Salman Rushdie!, i had a dream that i met Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasrin and i also went to Bangkok in my dream!. Bangkok will be great in december!.dam!.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

london olympics,2012 here i come!.

i went to the doctor yesterday,
i have this problem of obsessive compulsive disorder,
i controlled the compulsions in lahore , like  closing taps and switches , how ever some stuff bothered me in islambad.
i have controlled compulsions in lahore although they still bother me,
in islamabad i had to close taps three times in my rooms bath room,
 i had to see if the tap was on or off in three bath rooms,the kitchen
and qaurter.
i had to close switches in the living room.
 i had to close cabinets and cupboards in the qauarter.
 i had to close switches in two other rooms but i did not do that,; i had to close the window in the roof but did not do it.
 the compulsions to cose taps still bothers me.
this is the crazy stuff i have to do,
i hope it end soon,
i will be gone to london in july2012 for the summer olympics,
that is just great,
i will have a party time over there,
olympics is an international party where you dance and party alll night long!.
i miss bangkok , our original plan was to go there but then my father wanted to go for the olympics,
how ever , i willl go to bangkok in december , 2012.
i love travelling,
i will have loads of fun in london,
i am sick of living in pakistan and i want to shift to canada or thailand,
i was missing lahore and i wanted to go over there,
i hope there are good book shops in london,
i want to see a UFO!.
i am waiting for a miracle to happen!.
i like  this song " i got a feeling"
it reminds me of malaysia,
what will i be doing 50 yeras from now?
i saw the book "a golden age" at old books collection by bangladeshi writer , tahmima anam.
i cant wait to go to london,
bye,.danial tanvir.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bangkok here i come!.

hello there,
i came to islamabad from lahore a couple of day ago.
i went for a walk in islamabad , i visited the saeed book bank,
i also have a cute dog called "billy".
it took her for walks.
i still have the compulsions
i controlled the ones in lahore but they still bother me, in islamabad i have to close taps and switches in rooms,
i am fighting all this , i hope it end soon,
today i went to the sarena hotel where i had choclate ice cream,.
i might be going to karachi next month,
i like going to karachi , they have good book shops like liberty book.
i am looking forward to going there.

the good news is that i am going to bangkok in them middle of june,.
this is too good.
i will go to the travel agent to get the visa and tickets conformed,
i will have a party time over there and talk to all the tourists.
bangkok is heavenly.
i want to spend the rest fo my life there,.
right now i am in islamabad in my father's office,
i have been watcing vidoes of writers like Taslima Nasrin and Ibn Warraq on you tube,.
i cant wait to go to karachi and then to bangkok,
i might go for a long walk today,.
the sad part will be coming back from bangkok.
i kept all my books on the table in my room,.
just less than two months to go and i am in bangkok.
Salman Rushdie's new book is out but i have not even read his books.
i like music by maroon5 , black eyed peas and also Rihanna.
they remind me of Bangkok.
i always wnated to go to india and bangladesh while listening to Lata Mangesh Kar.
i might also go to malaysia,
i loved the night clubs and hard rock cafe in kuala lumpur.
it was amazing.
i danced all night long.

regards,danial tanvir.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bangkok is great ?shifting to islamabad?

i had gone to Islamabad for a few days,
i came back to Lahore.
i went to readings and looked at different books.
i still have compulsions to close taps and switches at my grand parents house in tech society and also in zaman park,
i hope and wish that they end soon,
i am very lucky because i will be gone to Bangkok in June with my father,
yes indeed that will be great,i love walking on the streets of Bangkok,
i went to school today and studied Law and Sociology,
i will be shifting to Islambad eventually.
i like to go to the old book shops of Islamabad.
i hope these sufferings end soon,
i will dance all night long in the dance clubs of Bangkok,
by the way there is a film coming out on
"midnights children"
i also bought the Christophert Hitchens book from readings.
i like reading Joyce Carol Oates,.
i cant wait to jump in to the swimming pool of Villa Cha Cha,
i will be going to islamabad on the Daewoo bus and will stay there for good,
i really like this song "Moves like jagger',.
no one replies to my emails,
i want to become a writer and a lawyer.
the situation in Pakistan is becoming bad , i might run away to Canada and live over there,i might go to south africa in december,
if we have enough money that is,
my father is really great!.
i was dancing in Malaysia,
the book shops of Kathmandu were great.
i like to blog.
i am counting the days to go to Bangkok,
bye,danial tanvir.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"moth smoke" by Mohsin Hamid and Sufi siants!.

i have read "moth smoke" by mohsin Hamid,
it is about a person who is a herion addict and starts having and affair with his best friends wife,
this book is based in 1998 , the summer of pakistani nuclear test,
i read this book in 2008 and i really liked it,
this book is based in lahore,pakistan,
in this book the characters travel to the old city of lahore which includes data darbad,badshai masjid and lahore fort,
i love going to the old town of lahore,
i really like it,
there is a very good restaurant called"cocoo's den"
i would recommed every one to read this book although it is depressing,
i want to go to the Sufi shrines in search of a Sufi saint who will end my sufferings,
Sufi reminds me of the poet Rumi.

chapters,book shop,mississauga,Canada.

i can still remember the chapters book shop in mississauga,canada,
there are books being sold,
there is a starbucks next to it and i can smell coffee
there are books by Sam Harris and Irshad Manji
,by the way i have the Irshad Manji book with me.
i really miss Canada,
i really miss the chapters book shop in mississauga,i hope that a miracle happens and i fell happy and all the compuslions vanish,
i like listening to Indian songs,
little India in sinagpore was nice.
i miss the university of toronto , and i want to study there,

i really want to have a flat in down town toronto.
i miss hard rock cafe of Toronto,CN Tower,Eaten center, book shops,
book shops in toronto,
canada is magical.
i like the indian song
"hai junoon'
i miss tim hortons iced capp and brownies,
whats is chapters comapred to readings?
i have been to naigra falls,
there is a section of philsophy and relgion at chapters .
i hope i go to Canada soon!.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Canada was great!.

i really do miss canada,
i was there in july,2011
i was not in toronto but in mississauga,
i used to go to a place called tim hortons every day from where i had used to have hot chocolate and a brownie,
i really miss canada,
we used to go to Toronto every other day,
there was a shopping mall called suare one,there were also book shoos such as coles and chapters
i miss toronto specially the hard rock cafe an the eaten shopping mall,
i dont know why i came back from Canada
i eventually want to shift to canaada,
in july ,2003 , i was in Hawaii with my mothers sister and it was amazing , we went to all the beaches and had a blast,
i saw girls doing the hula dance
it was amazing!.

i am missing Islamabad!.

i really am missing Islamabad,
i love my city,
i like to go to saeed book bank which is a book shop in islamabad , the books there are very expensive,
you can find a lot of copies of books by Ahmed Rashid or by Karen Armstrong.
right opposite to it is the old books collection , i really like that book shop, the people working there know me,.
i also like to hang out in the hot spot in islamabad where i like to have choclate ice cream, their ice cream is really good,.
i am really missing islamabad , i will be there in June.

villa cha cha hotel ,khaosan road,Bangkok,Thailand!.

i hope the compulsions end soon,
i love Bangkok and i will be going there is June,
the great thing about Bangkok is the Khaosan road.
people are enjoying them selves drinking alcahol
and having a party time not caring about any thing at all,.
i cant wait to go to Bangkok and jump in to the swimming pool of villa cha cha.
Bangkok is truly heaven on earth!.
i have to close taps and switches in the tech society home,
when will the world end
i am listening to an Indian song,
Lata Mangesh Kar makes me want to write.
i discovered a huge book shop in a shopping mall in Bangkok , they had

i went to readings book shop the day before yesterday and they still had one copy of Christopher Hitchens book!.
Bangkok is great!.

Friday, March 16, 2012

the unheard cries!.

hello there
i had a law exam yesterday but did not know much,
i went for luch to Punajab Club with some family.
i came back to Zaman Park,
i like writer called Anthony Flew,
he passed away.
there are two very good book shops in Lahore called 'variety" and also "readings"
i love going there,
due to obsessive compulsive disorder i have to do things like having to close switches and taps at my grand parents house,etc.
it is really very terrible,
i miss Canada a lot and wonder why i came back,
the chicken and chips at Punjab Club were good,
when will thsi world end?
i would love to go to India, there are good book shops over there,
i want to become a great lawyer like Asma Jahangir and do good things for my country,.
no one emails me.
i hope i feel better soon.
i will be gone to Bangkok in june,
i left my life and school in islamabad and came to Lahore,i should have stayed over there,
Mohsin Hamid is working on his next book,he told me this.
it is amazing how "the God delusion" by Richard Dawkins is available Pakistan,.


Monday, March 12, 2012

streets of Toronto and Salman Rushdie!.

i really miss the streets of Toronto,Canada.
i went to the hard rock cafe over there and started singing Bruce Springsteen songs,
like one is called "dancing in the dark"
i really want to go back and live over there,.
i hope i am cured of obsessive compulsive disorder.
i want to travel around the world and become a writer,
i am listening to a very nice Indian song called"hai junoon"
i also want to meet Salman Rushdie and to read his books.
i have read "the kite runner"
some parts of it were really touching,.
"Gandhi my father" is one of my favourite movies,

i hope i will go to Canada soon and live there,
Karachi is my favourite city in Pakistan,
the beach is nice.
i like to hang out at "ctc" or coffee,tea and company in Lahore,Pakistan.
reagards,Danial Tanvir.

Bangkok,book shop,Kathmandu,Christopher Hitchens!.

i love to walk on the streets of Bangkok,
there are people dancing the night away , enjoying them selves,
partying all night long,
i have travelled to Kathmandu,Toronto,Bangkok.etc.
i discovered a big book shop in Bangkok where they had Christopher Hitchens book "Hith22"
and Bangkok is heaven on earth , i want to spend the rest of my life dancing in Bangkok.

Christopher Hitchens and Canada book shop!.

life is full of unspekable agony and where does the universe keep on going?
i have to go to school tomorrow,
i am upset due to certain things.
i really miss Canada ,i really miss mississauga , i was there for 7 weeks
i loved it.
there was a very nice book shop over there called "chapters"
i really want to go back to Canada and live over there,.
i have been obsessed with christopher hitchens since the middle fo 2007 and i cant even read his books due to some problems but i really want to read his book "Hith22"
bye,Danial Tanvir.

Pakistan and Christopher Hitchens!.

hello there
how are you?
obsessive compulsive disorder makes me do things like closing taps and switches and doing things again and again.
i came back from Singapore one month ago,
i love to travel in the far east,
i hope these compulsions go away soon,
i get obsessive thoughts,
i will be going to Bangkok in June,2012.
i really do miss canada, i was over there in july.2011.
i hope i feel better,
i love going to the readings books shop , here in lahore,Pakistan,
i want to be locked in there for three months so that i can read all the books,
i will be happy when i am going to Islamabad,Pakistan.
i want to spend a few hours in the book shop,
dam i miss Canada=Toronto!.
i wanted to meet Christopher Hitchens but he sadly passed away!.
bye,Danial Tanvir,.

John Forbes Nash is great!.

i respect and admire John forbes Nash a lot,
he was the great mathematician who won the nobel prize in economic sciences in 1994,.
there is a film made on his life "a beautiful mind"
i have seen that movie and it is great movie and a must watch!.
it has shown how John Forbes Nash dealt with paranoid Schizophrenia and it is amazing how he fought this illness and did such great things for humanity!.

remembering Abdus Salam!.

i really admire and am impressed by the Pakistani scientist Abdus Salam who won the nobel prize in physics in 1979.
he was the only Pakistani to have won the nobel prize,
we should have promoted him instead of criticizing him for what religion he followed , it is a shame!.
he did such great things and this is how we treated him?
what a shame!.

x files fan!.

i am a very big fan of the tv show "the X Files"
it is a tv show that ran for 9 years , and had 9 seasons and has 202 episodes,
i have watched around almost 60 episodes of it and i love this show,
it is all about Aliens and UFO'S
and i can watch it over and over again , i love the X Files so much and i want to be abducted by a UFO!.

Christopher Hitchens book!.

i went to the readings book shop in Lahore,Pakistan.
i went there looking for a book called
"the wishe maker" by Ali Sethi,they had that book and then i went around the book shop looking at books.
i went to the religion section where i saw Christopher Hitchens book "God is not great:how religion poisons every thing"
i could not belive my eyes that that book is available in Pakistan and i was in a state of shock for a few hours!.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

what is life?

what is life all about ?
why are we here?
why are we in this world?
why is this happening to us?
we are born in to this world with no fault of our own?
why is life so miserbale?
why is there so much injustice and misery in the world?
why is there unspekable pain every where in this world?
why cant i get rid of obsessive compulsive disorder?
why is life is miserbale and worth less?.
why ?.
there are just less than 2 weeks before going to Singapore,
i really hope that the compulsions end before that , hope fully,
i will be gone on the bus from lahore to islamabad,
from there to dubai to sinagpore to malaysia , back to singapore , to dubai and to islamabad,
that is cool
i enjoyed looking at the books in the book shop today "readings"
i hope i have a party time ,.
regards,Danial Tanvir,.

Bangkok was great!.

i can never forget what a great time i had in Bangkok,
i partied all night long,
i went to different night clubs and disco's and partied like any thing,
Bangkok consists of small streets where people are enjoying them selves, smoking and drinking away , not caring about any thing,
listening to music and dancing the night away,
it was truly amazing and heavenly,
i love my father and i travelled to Bangkok with him,
i would love to make more trips like this and enjoy,
i hope that i am cured of obsessive compulsive disorder, i have to control it and disucss the issues with my mother,
i keep on listening to music i like,
i hope i can go to Bangkok again and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

life sucks like any thing!.

well hello there
, today i went to school , i met some friends , i studied maths but could not study law,
then the driver came to pick me up and took me to tech society , which is my grand parents house,
for some reason i suddenly felt so angry and miserable,
angry with my self and at the world,
i listened to music like by Bryan Adams and also by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan,
i have never felt so angry with life as i did today ,
i don't know why i did,
from there i went to the book shop called "readings" in Lahore.
i spent 15 to 20 minutes there , i came across many books which includes"the gay science" by Friedrich Nietzsche
and also "a clergyman's daughter" by George Orwell
i bought "a case of exploding mangoes"
by mohommad hanif and "reading lolita in tehran"
by Azar Nafisi,
i looked at books and then went to macdonalds.
i hope that the compulsions end and i am abale to enjoy in Singapore!.
obsessive compulsive disorder it worst than hell and is nerve wrecking,.
i hope these compulsion stop and i am able to enjoy
,go to the book shops in singapore and dance the nigth away like i did in Bangkok,
regards,Danial Tanvir,.

waiting for the miracle!.

the compulsions are bothering me as i have talked about them before my friends,
i have some serious obsessive compulsive disorder which is terrible , how ever , i am not that weak , i am fighting this bloody illness,
i hope that these compulsions end,
the great news is that i am going to Singapore on the 24rth or 25th of January,2012.
that is truly great,
it will be out of this,
i keep on listening to this song "move like jagger" and missing Bangkok,.
may this illness end and i am able to live a peaceful life,
i just want to party all night long and enjoy,
Danial Tanvir,.

singapore life?,.

hello there,
i really hope that God helps me and these compulsions stop and i am able to go to Singapore in peace,
oh God please have pitty on me and end my worries,.
i cant wait to go to singapore and party all night long!.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

obsessive compulsive disorder and singapore!.

well helllo there,
today i woke up and started feeling un well,
i had the compulsions, i had to touch the switches in the porch and the balcony three times,
dam, it was terrible,
it still bothers me,
i like to blog,
since i can write any thing on my blog,
i might be going to Islamabad in a few days time from where i will fly off to sinagpore,./
i hope i have a blast over there,
i do like Gandhi,.
i will part all night long only if it was not for these compulsions,.
i will be on dubai airport for a few hours and will get the visa for malaysia from singapore,
this is great,
but the compulsions still bother me,.
bye,danial tanvir,.

Singapore,here i come!.


well hello there,
today i did not do much,
i just checked my mail and blogged alot.
i got a few emails from author Mohsin Hamid ,
he told me that he had read Frederich Nietzsche,.
he recommended me to read "a case of exploding mangoes" by Mohommad Hanif and also "cloud atlas"by David Mitchell,.
i hope i will be able to read books soon,.
i still have obsessive compulsive disorder, have to do things again and again like closing taps,drawers,switches,drawers,cupboards,etc.
i have to touch the switches in the balcony and close taps in a room in islamabad,
this is just a small example of all the compulsions i have,.
i do miss Canada , specially the hard rock cafe in Toronto,.
i have many books to read,
i am really looking forward to going to Singapore,
i hope that there are good book shops over there,.
i will have a party time over there,.
i really like the x files and specially the movies "national treasure"
and "national treasure:book of secrets'
i love that movie,.i cant wait to go to the book shops in singapore,.
like i had a blast in Bangkok,
and i hope that the compulsions end soon.
i will also be gone to the London Olympics in september,2012.
i would have gone to Bangkok if it was not for the floods.
bye,Danial Tanvir,.

readings book shop Lahore!,.

readings is a great book shop in Lahore,Pakistan,.
it is a small book shop and has alot to offer,
it is different sections of books , some about religion , some about philosophy and romance, novels,etc,.
it is a great book shop and the prices are absolutely amazing.
there is a section where you can get novels in a good condition for 25 , 20 and even 10 rupees,.

and the books are in a good condition,.
it is unbelievable,.
i have been to this book shop many times and you can get almost any kind of book from there,
it is one of the best book shops i have been to,.
i have bought many books from there , which includes
"three junes' by Julia Glass,.
which was a national book award winner,
"all the pretty horses" by Cormac macCarthy
,which also won the national book award,
"right ho jeeves" by PG Wood House as my father alway tells me to read PG WoodHouse,
and Friderich Nietzsche 'thus spoke zarathsutra'
the prices are great ,i have not read any of these books but i will wheni am free,.
i read 12 pages of the book "the number one ladies detective agency" by Alexander mcCall Smith,.
i love that book shop,
this is what i like about Lahore , my other favourite place is "coffee,tea and company" , as the locals call it "ctc",
i like to sit there , i have a plate of french fries , a chocolate dutch milk shake and a chocolate cookie!,.
bye,Danial Tanvir,.

Christopher Hitchens death!.

well hello there,
this is Danial Tanvir,
i have been working on my book which i will publish in a few years time,
i might be going to Singapore in a few weeks time and i am looking forward to it , seriously!.
i was very upset and disturbed to hear about authot Christopher Hitchens death ,he wrote many book including "God is not great:how religion poisons every thing" and "hitch22"a memoir,
he passed away last month ,.
he was a friend of Salman Rushdie , he was an atheist and admired people like Thomas Pain and George Orwell,
it is very unfortunate that i have not been able to read any of his books.
may his soul be at peace and one day i will write a book like him!,

books should not be so expensive in Pakistan.

for a country to progress its people must be educated.
education is knowledge and where does knowledge come from?.the answer is simple =books.books are a man's best friends,this is the saying of authors,intellectuals and poets.
how ever the books in our country Pakistan are very expensive for the common man to afford.
in our neighbouring country India, the books are very cheap and is in reach of the common man in Pakistan it is totally opposite.this is a grave situation and some thing must be done about this.if we want to flourish as a nation we must encourage people to read book,
already hardly any one reads books and by making them so expensive , we are discouragingpeople from reading books.this is must be changed and the government should do some thing to decrease the price of books.
what the government should do is that they should remove all taxes from the import of books and should also publish the books locally.

how can a country progress when we do not encourage people to be educated.
we should also upgrade our libraries and there should be more libraries made so that people can be educatedand read and do not have to spend money on buying books.all these steps will encourage people to read and people will gain knowledge and we will thrive and progressas a sovereign state. we must find a solution to these kinds of problems.this would be a great service to humanity.

Friday, January 6, 2012

why i believe in Aliens and in UFO'S?.

I believe that there are many planets and many forms of life and it is too obvious that there are aliens.I am sure that there are aliens and UFOs and it could even be true that they could be monitoring us and know every thing that we do , they could be monitoring the frequency of our thoughts and if some one suits the criteria then they abduct him. how can it be that there is such a big universe and it keeps on going on and on and there is no other form of life , how can it be , there just has to be life out side earth and the aliens have been visiting us , I strongly believe in the existence of aliens.they will take me and they will teach and educate me and they how ever are much more advanced then us , they are above all this , they gave up on these things many decades ago and I mean God and religion!. I am so happy about this , they are already here and they have built underground tunnels like in the "dragon's triangle" and in the "Bermuda triangle" and they how ever are monitoring all of us and they don't want to harm us although they can so for that you should thank them and did I tell you about my dream in which the alien was so excited to have me on board a space ship , well maybe that was real and maybe they abducted me from my room inIslamabad a few months ago!. they're coming and I got this great enlightenment in around November , 2007 when Shirley McClain came on Larry king live and helped me as well as gaveme the great message!. it could be that the aliens know every thing about us and are much more advanced than us but then why did they not contact us but they are friendly people because they are much more advanced than us and they could have destroyed us but they did not so they are much more advanced than us. the aliens might come soon to us. maybe they are trying to give us some special hidden message. when some one talks about the existence of aliens or UFOs , other people take it as a joke , they can relate aliens and UFOs to the cartoons that little children watch but they can not think for them selves , that there is a possibility , a very strong possibility and likelihood that there is life out side earth I am sure in my belief that there is life out side earth and that there are many civilizations of aliens out there.

my trip to Thailand ,2011.

me and my father decided to go to Thailand as it was easy to get a visa and because Bangkok was just a few hours flight away from Islamabad,.i had never been to Thailand although my father had,.it was my first time in Thailand so i was very excited and was looking forward to going there,.i boarded the plane from Thailand from Islamabad,.the air hostesses greeted me and were very Friendly..we reached Bangkok and we travelled on the sky train to our hotel, the sky trainis the train that runs through the city,.we checked in to a hotel,.the city was amazing, the sky line was wonderful , the skyline of Bangkok can be compares with new yorkor with any big city,.there were countless high rise building and there are tourists from all around the world , Germany,Canada,France , etc,.the traffic of Bangkok is at least hundred times the traffic of Islamabad , Islamabad seems to be a smallvillage as compared to Bangkok.the malls of Bangkok go on and on for miles,.
my father had always told me about "the khao san road"this is where we stayed , the name of the hotel we stayed in was called "villa cha cha"
the khao san road is a tourist destination in Bangkok, it is a lovely place , the streets go on and on and it is full of disco's and night clubs , in fact the whole of Bangkok is full of night clubs and every one is in a mood to party,i really liked the khao sanroad , i had lots of fun talking to foreignersand exchanging emails with them,it was great , i had a time of my life,i never enjoyed so much as i did in Bangkok , the hotel was great and the people are very lovingand kind,.
there also good books where you can get books in English although some of the books are in Thai,.there are places where they give you a massage and there is a fish spa.there are countless stalls where they serve you banana chocolate pan cakes,.Buddhists are very peace ful people ,.they are hundreds of hotel and restaurants , they go on and on.
after visiting Bangkok , we flew our to phuket.it was a flight of one and a half hour to phuket from Bangkok.i arrived in phuket , how ever it was raining.i went all over the city , there were some shopping malls as well as some food courts,you could find Starbucks and burger kings every where,i went to the beach of phuket m it was amazing , it was truly magical , i have been to Hawaii,i have seen the beach of Hawaii and trust me it was much better , i stayed in phuket for a few days , went to the night clubs , metpeople from all around the world,the head line of the trip was that i did snorkeling in the sea near some thing which is calledthe Phi Phi island and what is even more amazing in that i i did para sailing in phuket,there was a rope tied to the boat and i was up in the sky with the parachute , i could see all of Phuket from up there and i was shouting,.
It was great and i had a blast of a time, .the best place i liked was the Khao san road ,i enjoyed that a lot,. i will never forget this trip and i would like to go to Thailand again and again ,.Thailand is a great country and a major tourist attraction and the people are very good and peaceful!.

my trip to Nepal,2010.

i had taken a flight to karachi from Islamabad and then a flight on to kathmandu.me and my father visited Nepal , we decided to go there because it was close by and because Pakistanis do not need a visato go there.my father had traveled there before as well.as i arrived late night in Kathmandu , it was dark and i was sleepy and tired so i went off to sleep.in the coming days when i was in Nepal ,i roamed the streets of thamel .the streets of thamel were amazing.after every few steps you can find a book shop or a CD shop.the book shops are amazing and the books are cheap , you can findalmost any kind of book over there.i think that there must be more book shops in thamel then there are in the whole of pakistan.there were countless small book shops but the ones which i liked were "the summit book shop' and "the pilgrimage book shop"i am a book lover and i went crazy over there with so many book shops.i discovered more of Kathmandu including the night life of thamel.the night life was amazing. there were countless night clubs and people were enjoying them selves.we discovered a cafe which was known as "the reggae bar'out of all the bars "the reggae bar" was the best.people went wild over there and partied all night.in the reggae bar , every day there was a band performing live music and there was a balcony from where you can seethe buildings of Kathmandu .every one was interested in seeing the foot ball matches over there.we used to go there every night and rock the dance floor , people were enjoying them selves and they were smoking and drinking the night away.they did not care about any thing , they just wanted to enjoy their lives.the tourists over there are very friendly.i enjoyed my trip to Kathmandu a lot.you can find people from all over the world from Brazil to Bhutan.it is difficult to find a Pakistani over there.Nepal although under developed is a free country in the sense that you have the freedom to do what you want to do and what you wantto believe in.i met a lady who had met dalai lame and a man from south Africa who had met nelson mandela.Nepal is a fabulous country.for a long time i had been wanting to meet some Buddhist saints.i visited many temples over there and prayed over there.i met many Buddhist monks who preached me about Buddhism.Buddhists are very nice and peace loving people.there were a lot of Buddhist monks in Nepal and there are count less temples over there.we went to meet a Buddhist monk but he was busy and we were un able to meet him.there were a lot of books and information available over there .they recommended a book called "what makes you not a Buddhist"my father liked the Buddhist monasteries so much that he wanted to come and live in Nepal and learnmore about Buddhism.they do not even harm animals.i also went to some mosques where i met the imam.we took the mountain flight to see the mount everest.we also went to another city called pokhara which was so beautiful and there was a lake in the middle of it.we made many friends.we lived in different hotels and spent count less hours on the streets of thamel which was amazing.on the last night i rocked the dance floor and every one was dancing around me.i had a great time in Nepal and it was a trip of a life time.i would recommend people to visit this amazing country and specially the streets of thamel which were out of this world!.