Friday, September 28, 2012

sam harris,shirley maclaine,books,canada and UFO'S.

hello there
its danial tanvir here,.
i just came back from london,england a couple of weeks ago.
i went all over england,
i went to belfast,edinbra and also machester but afourse what i enjoy the most is london,
i loved it in london,
i went to all the night clubs and partied all night long.
obviously i also went to the book shops and bought several books whcih include sam harris "the end of faith'
i have not read it yet but will do so when am free.
i also bought a book called 'i am all over that and other confessions"by actress and writer called shirley maclaine,.\i went ti book shops in london mancehster and ednibra.
in this b9ook shirely maclaine tals about her travels around the world,about how she has given up on religon ,
she talked a lot about UFO'S and the fact that they have visited the earth but have not told any one becuase the do not want to alarm the human race,she also talked about reincarnation and about her fight will bill o rielly of fox news,
i loved this book by shirley maclaine and would like to read more books by here,.
it has not even been a month since i came from england to pakistan and i have been to lahore from islamabad several times,
i still have obssessive compulsive disorder,
i spend hours closing taps,switches,etc in two houses in lahore and one in islamabad,
that raelly does suck
i hope it gets better soon,.
i have started going to school but i cant even study much.
i went to the raedinfgs book shop in lahore a few days ago and i bought some really nice books\which included 'the god delusion"by richard dawkins,.they had this book in the book shop,.
i hope this illness ends soon,.
my mother is coming from lahore todaya and i will hang out with her and go to the kohsar market with her and there is alos a very nice book shop over there,.
i do miss canada alot and have not been there in more than a year,how ever i might go there next year,\how ever i might go to bangkok in decmber for the new year,
bangkok really does rock,.
i might go to the saeed book book today with my mother,.
i have boooks to read by sam harris,richard dawkins and irshad manji,.
have loads of books ot readm,
i like the song "criminal'from the indian movie raone.
i was in hawaii in july,2003
i hope i go ther again ,.
bye,danial tanvir,.

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