Friday, October 19, 2012

books,philosophy and bangkok twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......

hello there
its me Danial Tanvir.
i am in rawapindi right now.
i live in islamabad.
i might be going to lahore tomorrow from islamabad  on the daewoo bus , i always enjoy tavelling on daewoo although they give rotten things to eat.
the journey is pretty nice.
my father is going to china for 2 weeks time and i will have to stay in lahore although i have no interest in going there,.
i will be there on eid and i always enjoy that.
i will go to the readings book shop and buy books.
i am thinking of getting Noam Chomsky or Ayaan Hirsi Ali ,
by the way Sir Salman Rushdie's new memoir is out , i want to read it,
i just finished reading hisham matars new book ,.
i also read Irshad Manji's book on Islam.
no one reads my blog and nor does any one email me,.
i was in washington dc in 1998  , and i have not beeen to the USA since 2003 , i really want to go there because the east is oppression and the west is freedom but what about Bangkok?

i go to school and study law and meet the girls and boys over there,.
and the party scene of islamabad is really on.
we rock the dance floor in the ice cream place called hot spot and the ice cream is good and all the teenagers hang out over there,.
the party scene is great of islamabad and we party all night long,.
i have obsessive compulsive disorder and have to close switches and taps in two  houses in lahore,pakistan, i hope this ends soon,.i am at my uncles house Talmeez Abbas.
i miss Canada specially tim hortons and the chapters book shop, i want to read several thousand books,.
pakistan is  a very dangerous country , you saw one thing wrong and you are gone,.
i dont like crickiter and politician imran khan for some reason,.
i like to party all night long, in karachi they have liberty books and my grand fathers sister buys me books from there,.
i love the hotel villa cha cha in bangkok and i might go there in december or january.
in islamabad they have saeed book bank and mister books,.
i want to take Sir Salman Rushdie for chocolate ice cream,.
i was in Hawaii in july , 2003 and it was heavenly , i just went for chocolate ice cream,.
After reading irshad manji , i too belive i can write  a book ,.
i just want to go to lahore and come back to islamabad quicky and never have to go back there again ,. my school is called imperial in islamabad and it set for a party time,. i hope that i become better and recover from all this ,. i might go to hotel crown plaza for high tea with my father,.

i am at crown plaza right now and have to go to lahore tomorrow,. i dont want to go there,. i want to go to the book shops of kathmandu and live in the  heart of bangkok.
bye  ,danial tanvir,.

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