Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the west is freedom , the east is oppression, i LOVE HITCH22!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

i was born in lahore,pakistan in september,1993.
i have lived in pakistan for 18 years and i am sick and tired of this country,

pakistan is a crazy country where there is religous fanatics , there is oppression,misery and injustice,.

the west is freedom and the east is oppression,.
the west in the best,

i will have to go to lahore on the daewoo bus from islamabad some time in early june , in order to go to canada,

there is a chapter of Irshad Manji's book where she says "'thank god for the west".

i had a dream that  i went in to a book shop and all i could see was Christopher Hitchens books,.

i cant wait to go to canada,
and buy "hitch22""  form a book shop in canada,

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