Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Christopher Hitchens,UFOS and Canada,....

it has been a while since author Christopher hitchens  passed away.

he will be missed by me and by other people

his book sold 500,000 copies
but i wanted it to sell millions,
i do really want to read Ibn Warraq,
he has written many books about stuff.

i  do know that the west is the best.
what about what happene to Musharraf?.
i will be gone to Canada on the 4rth of june,2013 and i am really excited,
i am going there with my mother and will have a party time,

in down town toronto, as toronto is very classy.
i am in islamabad,pakistan right now,

i was thinking about UFOS lately

\despite the fact that i have never seen a UFO in pakistan although i am a believer .
that reminds me of the X Files,\\\

i did watch a few episodes of californication starring david duchovny.

what about UFOS?

will they come and get me?

\what about area 51

toronto is very classy

i can never  forget thoes days in january , 2013 when  i used to party all  night long on the streets of bangkok which people from all over the world.
they were Jews from Israel
but i am fascinated by the country israel.

should read christopher hitchens  over and over again.

Geert Wilders..want to meet him
denmark is freedom,

i will go to tim hortons in toronto , might go to the USA or to hawaii or  new york,washington  dc,.


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