Saturday, December 14, 2013

I LOVE the streets of Bangkok...Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.books..thailand?.the earth is just a tiny dot in the i come!.

hello there,
Its Danial Tanvir here,
what can i possibly do in this bloody life?
i am ill you know.
i have obsessive compulsive disorder, that really sucks , it has been going on for several years and i do not know what to do..

i have to close swithches,copboards and to close windows and drawers,

you know these are compulsions that i have to do some where in school..

this is terrible,
i hope i am cured of this illness,

the best part is yet to come:
i am going to Bangkok,Thailand on the 27nth of december,2013
i cant wait to get over there,

i will party all night long on the streets of bangkok on songs such as "gagnam style"
and ïnternational love"and "godd feeling"etc.

our driver will drop us to the airport and then off we go to the lovely heaven on earth which  is Bangkok,
i will vist the book stalls over there and also go to a chain of books called "asia  books"
and will buy books such as"night maire in Bangkok"
and "welcome to hell"
\and a book on buddhism called "what makes you not a  buddhsit:"

i saw that  book in Kathmandu a long time ago,

i will party all night lone on the khao san road
i LOVE the khao san road and will dance there and go to the book stalls and go to the shopping malls which have book shops on religion,.

DEATH to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder..
may go to laos or combodia or vietnam or the bus to malaysia.
may hit the baches of Pattaya, i feel miserable , i feel like crying....

bye,Danial Tanvir.

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