Friday, February 28, 2014

life is miserable..,UFOS are for real....the earth is just a tiny dot in the universe.......................

hi its danial tanvir,
i really must say that i am bloody sick of this bloody life.

i miss the heart  of Toronto and the streets of bangkok,the book shops of kathmandu and the beaches of  pattaya which is in thailand.
i am mentally ill,
i love my father , he listens to me,
please do read my blog and feel free to leave comments.

there are aliens and i want to be abducted by a UFO (unidentified flying objects).

my obsessive compuslive disorder has shaked the foundations of my life,
i have to close swithces,taps,window,copboards,etc.
i have an illness and i tajke medicines.
i read "the cathcer in the rye:"by rd sainger and it was horrible,
then i read "nightmaire in bangkok"" which is about a man from hawaii who gets caught smuggling drugs in to bangkok , it is by andy botts,
then i read "mayada:daughter of iraq"by jean sasson.
then i read äll the fished come home to roost" by rachel manja brown.
i just read ïn the city by the sea"by novelist kamila shamsie"

i like her,
there was a literature festival going  on in lahore and there were writers lie vikram seth.
my mother met kamila shamsie and mohommed hanif.
author of   ""ä case of expldoing mangoes".
i talked to kamila shamsie on the phone and my mother got her book ""ä god in every stone"""signed as well as mohommed hanif's ""our lady of allice bhatti"
god is heart less,
i hate god.

i have to give my bloody exams and then might go to the USA via france of bangkok via indian,

life is miserble and the suffering will never end.

i might go to the book shop tomorrow in islamabad,
there is saeed  book bank and there are two book shops opposite to it called the old book shop , it is really nice,
i have to become a writer and sell 200 million copies , i also like the writer called micheal crichton who passed away in 2008.
i want to get his books , they were for 50 rupees each in the readings book shop in lahore.
i miss the streets of bangkok,
i want to hit the night clubs of bangkok and the beaches and night life of pattaya which is in thailand.

bye , danial tanvir.

28th of february , 2014
the earth.....

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