Tuesday, April 22, 2014


hey there
its danial tanvir.
i dont know what to do or what to say.

there is a very nice  book shop opposite the saeed book bank in islamabad.
i had to wait there for 2 hours for it top open when i went there early morning.

there were so many  books that there was no place to walk or sit,
i was hearing voices so i quicky bought a  book which was √§ history of God"
by karen armstrong.

a few days
we had  a party at our house and kept dancing till midnight and then my father and i and his friend went for a late night sanck to crown plaza.
i do miss the heart of toronto and the streets of bangkok.
my father is buying a flat for me.
i have always wanted to reach christopher hitchens  , he has written many  books inclduing "love,poverty and war"
i have to give thoes screwed up exams of law and sociology and then i can go out of the country with my father.

i feel guilty for doing many things.

i read Kamila Shamsie's novel "in the city be the sea"

i have talked about the compulsions a million times.
i have to go back to some dammed hotel room in nathiagalli in northern pakistan and close the taps in the bath room and the switches in the room and there is a place in islamabad , dont ask where,
its just a place where i have to close swithces in rooms , i have to  check if the taps are on or off and the list goes on and on.
i have to go to Lahore after  my exams and most likely go top the book shop.

the UFOs buzzed the american capiatal in  the 1950's

i was danicng to the beat of the muscin in Bangkok,
some times i do like watcing movices for example "blood diamond"

i have suffered alot in life due to this  illness.
i did talk to Kamila Shamsie on the  phone.
as a  matter of fact i forgot to tell you that my mothers brother is bringing me a book by sam harris called "THE END OF FAITH"

It was published in 2004 and is a   book on religion.
i did buy "the case for God" by Karen Armstrong.

i might want to meet here
22,ND OF APRIL,2014

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