Thursday, January 17, 2013

pattaya twlight!!!!!!!.thailand,.

hello guys
its me danial  tanvir.
i was dancing to the  beat of the music in  my islamabad home
there were many song for example

international love and good feeling.

\i caught the flight from islamabad to bangkok , from there i took the bus to pattaya which is a city in bangkok,.
i fell in  love with the city.

i went to the waling street and rocked the dance floor,going to different night clubs and starbucks, from where i had some thing to drink,
i hit the shopping in search of  a book shop,
so i finally found a book shop called
"asia books"

it was heavenly.
i found Salman Rusdhie's

"midnighst children"
and Imran Khans book,
also karen armstrong and also my favourite "morality" by christopher hitchens.

they were many books on buddhism.
i also saw a book called nightmaire in bangkok , which is about a man in a thai prison,
i bought a book called "in the shadows of the buddha"
today i hit the beach of pattaya and swam in the sea with other people.
i really enjoyed the walking street of pattaya , i have fallen in love with this place already.

in 2 days time , i am going to be in bangkok and iwill rock the dance floor on the streets of bangkok.

i will stay at  the villla cha cha hotel  and will rock the dance floor all night long/!!!!1

oh right!!!!

bye,danial tanvir jafri.

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