Sunday, January 13, 2013

I want to read all the Salman Rushdie and Christopher Hitchens books!!!...

hello guys
its danial tanvir
i would like to say that obsessive compulsive disorder and schizoprenia are the deadliest combination,
its drives me crazy, i spend a long time closing swithces and taps in my house in islamabad and it really sucks,.
tomorrow,our driver Sajjad will drop us to the airport and i will be off to Bangkok,
 i fell in love with Bangkok in august,2011
i cant wait to go there are jump in to the swimming pool
 of the villla cha cha hotel in bangkok,
life is miserbale,
the compulsions bother me,.

i will read all the salman rushdie and christopher hitchens books, will buy them from the book stalls of bangkok,.
life really does suck , dosent it?\i am sick of this bloody pakistan,
i am sick of this country , have lived here for 18 years,pakistan really does suck,.
i will hit the night clubs of patayya and have a great time?.

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