Friday, January 25, 2013

The book shops of Bangkok.

life can be very unfair sometimes,
and what i slife but endless suffering and unjustice,
i have been in thailand for a couple of days now and i have been rocking the dance floor with people from all around the world  on the khaosan road and the streets of bangkok,
bangkok is truly heavenly.

i managed to go to the book shop yesterday and i had a blast,

they had salman rushdi'es luka and the fire of life,

i loved looking at the  books around the book shop,
i really did have a great time in the book shop,

i shortlisted many books to buy which included a long way home by ishameal beah and also nightmaire in bangkok and also a  great book on buddhisim,

 buddhists are very peaceful people and they dont even harm animals,

i ended up buying a very nice book on christianity  called  kisses from katie,

it really does seem like a great book,

i do LOVE the book shops of Bangkok,

obsessive compulsive disorder can drive a person crazy, i mean seriously

in  a few days i willl have to go back to that bloody pakistan,
well i hate pakistan
pakistan sucks,
bye,danial tanvir jafri.

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