Tuesday, September 3, 2013

there is nothing to do in life...

hey its Danial Tanvir
I do want to become  a  writer and sell over 100 million copies world wide.
my father has  gone to china and he will bring books by Chinese writers from me from china.
I am sick of this  bloody miserable life,'
life is miserable and the sufferings will not end ever.

I really want to go and party on the streets of Bangkok with my father,
it has been over a  month since I came back from Canada and I had to stay in Lahore for a few days while my dad had gone to America,
I LOVE the night clubs of Pattaya and I want to hit them,
I do like the book shop called "asia books"

I feel great pitty when I am  unable to  read books,
as you know I have obsessive compulsive disorder and that I hear voices,
this has ruined every thing ,for example I have to close switches and taps countless times due to this illness and this disorder,

life SUCKS and then you die.

I have Gary Renards book with me
"the disappearance of the universe"
I want to go to Bangkok  Via Maldives to meet my step mother,

I read the  book "burned alive" by Souad , it was based in the middle east, I read it in two days , it was disturbing about how women are treated badly by people.

I don't know when this illness of mine will end,
I have been suffering from this bloody obsessive compulsive disorder since 6 years which means since august,2007,
that sucks and my father is in china, I did write an article on acid attacks,
I am DANIAL TANVIR , writer.

where does the universe keep on going and why does god do this to people,God?

there are aliens who live on other planets and come in their UFOS to get people,
I cant even read, that sucks ,I want to read hundreds of books,
I don't know what to do or to say,
god is not just,
I want to party in Bangkok and Pattaya.
I went to a small book shop today,
they had reza aslan's  book and also Mohsin Hamid.
I hope I get abducted by a UFO,
the aliens do not want to alarm the human race,
I am from Pakistan,
I would like to travel in the far east and  party.
perhaps go to sri lanka or Maldives and have nutella and watch the X Files,
I have lived in Islamabad and Lahore,
in a  few days , I will go to pick my father from the airport
I did go to school today and studied law and sociology.

I might go to Bangkok and party on music,
bye , Danial Tanvir,
the 3rd of September,2013
the planet earth , universe.

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