Tuesday, April 24, 2012

london olympics,2012 here i come!.

i went to the doctor yesterday,
i have this problem of obsessive compulsive disorder,
i controlled the compulsions in lahore , like  closing taps and switches , how ever some stuff bothered me in islambad.
i have controlled compulsions in lahore although they still bother me,
in islamabad i had to close taps three times in my rooms bath room,
 i had to see if the tap was on or off in three bath rooms,the kitchen
and qaurter.
i had to close switches in the living room.
 i had to close cabinets and cupboards in the qauarter.
 i had to close switches in two other rooms but i did not do that,; i had to close the window in the roof but did not do it.
 the compulsions to cose taps still bothers me.
this is the crazy stuff i have to do,
i hope it end soon,
i will be gone to london in july2012 for the summer olympics,
that is just great,
i will have a party time over there,
olympics is an international party where you dance and party alll night long!.
i miss bangkok , our original plan was to go there but then my father wanted to go for the olympics,
how ever , i willl go to bangkok in december , 2012.
i love travelling,
i will have loads of fun in london,
i am sick of living in pakistan and i want to shift to canada or thailand,
i was missing lahore and i wanted to go over there,
i hope there are good book shops in london,
i want to see a UFO!.
i am waiting for a miracle to happen!.
i like  this song " i got a feeling"
it reminds me of malaysia,
what will i be doing 50 yeras from now?
i saw the book "a golden age" at old books collection by bangladeshi writer , tahmima anam.
i cant wait to go to london,
bye,.danial tanvir.

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