Friday, April 20, 2012

Bangkok here i come!.

hello there,
i came to islamabad from lahore a couple of day ago.
i went for a walk in islamabad , i visited the saeed book bank,
i also have a cute dog called "billy".
it took her for walks.
i still have the compulsions
i controlled the ones in lahore but they still bother me, in islamabad i have to close taps and switches in rooms,
i am fighting all this , i hope it end soon,
today i went to the sarena hotel where i had choclate ice cream,.
i might be going to karachi next month,
i like going to karachi , they have good book shops like liberty book.
i am looking forward to going there.

the good news is that i am going to bangkok in them middle of june,.
this is too good.
i will go to the travel agent to get the visa and tickets conformed,
i will have a party time over there and talk to all the tourists.
bangkok is heavenly.
i want to spend the rest fo my life there,.
right now i am in islamabad in my father's office,
i have been watcing vidoes of writers like Taslima Nasrin and Ibn Warraq on you tube,.
i cant wait to go to karachi and then to bangkok,
i might go for a long walk today,.
the sad part will be coming back from bangkok.
i kept all my books on the table in my room,.
just less than two months to go and i am in bangkok.
Salman Rushdie's new book is out but i have not even read his books.
i like music by maroon5 , black eyed peas and also Rihanna.
they remind me of Bangkok.
i always wnated to go to india and bangladesh while listening to Lata Mangesh Kar.
i might also go to malaysia,
i loved the night clubs and hard rock cafe in kuala lumpur.
it was amazing.
i danced all night long.

regards,danial tanvir.

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