Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bangkok is great ?shifting to islamabad?

i had gone to Islamabad for a few days,
i came back to Lahore.
i went to readings and looked at different books.
i still have compulsions to close taps and switches at my grand parents house in tech society and also in zaman park,
i hope and wish that they end soon,
i am very lucky because i will be gone to Bangkok in June with my father,
yes indeed that will be great,i love walking on the streets of Bangkok,
i went to school today and studied Law and Sociology,
i will be shifting to Islambad eventually.
i like to go to the old book shops of Islamabad.
i hope these sufferings end soon,
i will dance all night long in the dance clubs of Bangkok,
by the way there is a film coming out on
"midnights children"
i also bought the Christophert Hitchens book from readings.
i like reading Joyce Carol Oates,.
i cant wait to jump in to the swimming pool of Villa Cha Cha,
i will be going to islamabad on the Daewoo bus and will stay there for good,
i really like this song "Moves like jagger',.
no one replies to my emails,
i want to become a writer and a lawyer.
the situation in Pakistan is becoming bad , i might run away to Canada and live over there,i might go to south africa in december,
if we have enough money that is,
my father is really great!.
i was dancing in Malaysia,
the book shops of Kathmandu were great.
i like to blog.
i am counting the days to go to Bangkok,
bye,danial tanvir.

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