Monday, April 30, 2012

Salman Rushdie VS Imran Khan!.

a few days ago , i really enjoyed watching the videos of Salman Rushdie and Imran Khan and about how they attacked each other, it was actually very funny,Imran Khan's arguments were weak but Salman Rushdie presented such strong arguments , they were so devestating that they made Imran Khan shut up!.
he defended free speech in a superb mannner!.
i loved watching all these videos!. and i really wish that one day i am able to meet Sir Salman Rushdie, i have not even raed any of his books, i am really happy that i am going to london in july and i migth also go to the states and Bangkok in december for the new year!.there is a nice book shop in Islambad , called "old book collection" , they have lovely books but they are really expensive, i made an account on Twitter,
i want to read Hisham Matar (Libyan writer) and to meet him , i like Tahmima Anam.
London will be an international party!.Salman Rushdie is on twitter,i want to become a lawyer like Asma Jahangir , i have met Mohsin Hamid, i have read Michel Onfray!.i have not been to the states in nearly 8+years.i want to get midnights children signed by Salman Rushdie!, i had a dream that i met Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasrin and i also went to Bangkok in my dream!. Bangkok will be great in december!.dam!.

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