Tuesday, October 30, 2012

i am in search of a Sufi Saint!!!.

I am how ever in a search for A great Sufi Saint how will end all the misery and oppression and will free me of all worries, i am waiting for a miracle , how ever, i know that miracles do not happen just like that.
life is nothing but endless suffering,
there has to be a way out of all this nonsense in life.
i was watching a very stupid movie called "around the word in 80 days"
i go through great misery in my whole life.
today i was very upset due to the compulsions i have,.
i also heard voices today,.
i will be going  to islamabad on  the 7nth of november when my father comes from china.
i will enjoy over there and i do miss islamabad a lot,
i want to read many books but am unable to due to the thoughst that i get that bother me to a great extend.
i want to become a writer.
i do believe in black magic.
i will be meeting a great Sufi saint who will help me,.
i want Sir Salman Rushdie to read   my book and give his comments on it,.
i do love my grand mother Nasreen Safdar Butt.


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