Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"moth smoke" by Mohsin Hamid and Sufi siants!.

i have read "moth smoke" by mohsin Hamid,
it is about a person who is a herion addict and starts having and affair with his best friends wife,
this book is based in 1998 , the summer of pakistani nuclear test,
i read this book in 2008 and i really liked it,
this book is based in lahore,pakistan,
in this book the characters travel to the old city of lahore which includes data darbad,badshai masjid and lahore fort,
i love going to the old town of lahore,
i really like it,
there is a very good restaurant called"cocoo's den"
i would recommed every one to read this book although it is depressing,
i want to go to the Sufi shrines in search of a Sufi saint who will end my sufferings,
Sufi reminds me of the poet Rumi.

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