Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ayaan Hirsi Ali,tech society compulsions and the party scene of islamabad.

hello there
its danial tanvir,
i have had a  very miserale life because of obsessive compulsive disorder and also due to schizophrenia.
i really miss islamabad,
i love the party scene of islamabad.
i bought a few books from readings book shop'like infidel by ayaan hirsi ali and miracles by cs lewis and descent into chaos by ahmed rashid,.
i must read all these bloody books,
i am at my step fathers house in zaman park, lahore,.
i go to the imperial school in islamabad,.
i will start reading infidel, i love the books i have and have bought,.
eid is the day after tomorrow,.
the day after it is called taru.
having to go to my grand parents house in tech society is worst than a night maire because when ever i go there, i end up closing switches and taps in the whole house,.
for example the compulsions till bothers me , having to close taps in the bath room and switches in some rooms,.this is ocd (obsessive compuslive disorder) and is worst than hell,.
this is no laughing matter,
it is a very serious problem and can make a persons life literally hell,.
i might go to saeed book bank in islamabad and buy karen armstrong or noam chomsky   books,.
i hope these compulsions get lost,.
i miss canada while listening to the song "hai junoon'
it is an indian song,.
i want to read hundreds of books,,
i went for a walk in the zaman park today,.
i enjoy going to readings book shop,.
the obsessive thoughts do bother me,
now life is nothing but endless suffering,.
the west is the best.
i miss the party scene of islamabad , my school,my house , every thing,.
i am severely ill,,
i have some serious problems,.
it seems as if some ones has cursed me,.
no sufi saint or jesus can come to help you,
this life is not hell , it is worst than hell,.
i have the  book "the known world' by edward p jones to read,
i will open up my room is islamabad and inahbit it with books and new papers,.
i hang out at the hot spot ice cream place in islamabad where teenagers come and rock the dance floor,.
i am counting the days to go to islamabad but the worst part is the compulsions in tech society , like closing taps and switche,
dam?thats sucks/

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