Friday, October 26, 2012

i LOVE Islamabad!!!!!!!.

i am in lahore,pakistan,
and one should think about how it is like to be rotting on the streets of life,.
life is nothing but endless sufferings and injustice.
i will have to do the compulsions (obsessive compulsive disorder)
, to close taps and switches in my grand parents house,
as a matter of fact this girl Malala has become a celebrity over night.
i have read about her.
i MISS  the party scene of islamabad,
well screw these bloody compulsions.
i like to go to papasallis in islamabad and have chicken pizza and mountain dew,.
i love each and every thing about my beloved city of islamabad,
then we have the macdonalds park where i go for long walks with my father,
my father is GREAT!.
we also have kohsar market where we have a  book shop called london books and we also have gloria jeans.
i might go to BANGKOK,THAILAND , in january,.
black magic does exist my friend.
I cant wait for the day i will be going to islamabad from lahore on the daewoo bus and my father and driver will come to pick me up,
my best friend Danish Jahangir Khan abandoned me,.
islamabad is heavenly,
then we have marriot hotel and sarena,
i remember where the marriot bombing happened,
i was in lahore and heard the news and came to islamabad, was trying to read Mohsin Hamid and also Frederich Nietzsche,.
Bangkok will be great,
i want to do paragliding in patayya like i did before in phuket,
i went for a walk around zaman park and like it,. tried to check out feryal ali gauhar but could not find her,.
i got to the imperial school and it is great,.i miss the PARTY scene of Islamabad and have to dance all night long,.

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