Friday, October 26, 2012

obsessive compulsive disorder,book shops of kathmandu,streets of bangkok,zaman park,lahore and saeed book bank,islamabad.

i can never forget the book shops of kathmandu,nepal and i can never forget the day i did paraglding in phuket,thaialand,
both these places were heavenly,
they are reall great places,.
the compulsions drive me insane,
i might have to  close switches and taps at my grand parents house,.
i love it in islamabad,
there is a book shop called saeed book bank over there which  is nice.
i want to read noam chomsky,
they cover their head at the sound of the Azaan,
tomorrow is eid,
no one reads my blog,.
what about area 51?
i might go to bangkok in january with my great father,.i will go to patayya and do paragliding,
i will also party all night long on the streets of bangkok and will make friends from all over the world,
have choclate nutella pan cakes and listen to bob marley,,'
where the universe keep on going?
mohsin hamid;'s new book "how to get filthy rich in dieing asia" will be out this march , 2013,
life is actually worst than hell and the sufferings will not end,.bye,danny t.

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