Monday, March 12, 2012

streets of Toronto and Salman Rushdie!.

i really miss the streets of Toronto,Canada.
i went to the hard rock cafe over there and started singing Bruce Springsteen songs,
like one is called "dancing in the dark"
i really want to go back and live over there,.
i hope i am cured of obsessive compulsive disorder.
i want to travel around the world and become a writer,
i am listening to a very nice Indian song called"hai junoon"
i also want to meet Salman Rushdie and to read his books.
i have read "the kite runner"
some parts of it were really touching,.
"Gandhi my father" is one of my favourite movies,

i hope i will go to Canada soon and live there,
Karachi is my favourite city in Pakistan,
the beach is nice.
i like to hang out at "ctc" or coffee,tea and company in Lahore,Pakistan.
reagards,Danial Tanvir.

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