Monday, March 19, 2012

villa cha cha hotel ,khaosan road,Bangkok,Thailand!.

i hope the compulsions end soon,
i love Bangkok and i will be going there is June,
the great thing about Bangkok is the Khaosan road.
people are enjoying them selves drinking alcahol
and having a party time not caring about any thing at all,.
i cant wait to go to Bangkok and jump in to the swimming pool of villa cha cha.
Bangkok is truly heaven on earth!.
i have to close taps and switches in the tech society home,
when will the world end
i am listening to an Indian song,
Lata Mangesh Kar makes me want to write.
i discovered a huge book shop in a shopping mall in Bangkok , they had

i went to readings book shop the day before yesterday and they still had one copy of Christopher Hitchens book!.
Bangkok is great!.

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