Monday, March 12, 2012

Pakistan and Christopher Hitchens!.

hello there
how are you?
obsessive compulsive disorder makes me do things like closing taps and switches and doing things again and again.
i came back from Singapore one month ago,
i love to travel in the far east,
i hope these compulsions go away soon,
i get obsessive thoughts,
i will be going to Bangkok in June,2012.
i really do miss canada, i was over there in july.2011.
i hope i feel better,
i love going to the readings books shop , here in lahore,Pakistan,
i want to be locked in there for three months so that i can read all the books,
i will be happy when i am going to Islamabad,Pakistan.
i want to spend a few hours in the book shop,
dam i miss Canada=Toronto!.
i wanted to meet Christopher Hitchens but he sadly passed away!.
bye,Danial Tanvir,.

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