Tuesday, March 20, 2012

chapters,book shop,mississauga,Canada.

i can still remember the chapters book shop in mississauga,canada,
there are books being sold,
there is a starbucks next to it and i can smell coffee
there are books by Sam Harris and Irshad Manji
,by the way i have the Irshad Manji book with me.
i really miss Canada,
i really miss the chapters book shop in mississauga,i hope that a miracle happens and i fell happy and all the compuslions vanish,
i like listening to Indian songs,
little India in sinagpore was nice.
i miss the university of toronto , and i want to study there,

i really want to have a flat in down town toronto.
i miss hard rock cafe of Toronto,CN Tower,Eaten center, book shops,
book shops in toronto,
canada is magical.
i like the indian song
"hai junoon'
i miss tim hortons iced capp and brownies,
whats is chapters comapred to readings?
i have been to naigra falls,
there is a section of philsophy and relgion at chapters .
i hope i go to Canada soon!.

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