Friday, March 16, 2012

the unheard cries!.

hello there
i had a law exam yesterday but did not know much,
i went for luch to Punajab Club with some family.
i came back to Zaman Park,
i like writer called Anthony Flew,
he passed away.
there are two very good book shops in Lahore called 'variety" and also "readings"
i love going there,
due to obsessive compulsive disorder i have to do things like having to close switches and taps at my grand parents house,etc.
it is really very terrible,
i miss Canada a lot and wonder why i came back,
the chicken and chips at Punjab Club were good,
when will thsi world end?
i would love to go to India, there are good book shops over there,
i want to become a great lawyer like Asma Jahangir and do good things for my country,.
no one emails me.
i hope i feel better soon.
i will be gone to Bangkok in june,
i left my life and school in islamabad and came to Lahore,i should have stayed over there,
Mohsin Hamid is working on his next book,he told me this.
it is amazing how "the God delusion" by Richard Dawkins is available Pakistan,.


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