Wednesday, January 11, 2012

life sucks like any thing!.

well hello there
, today i went to school , i met some friends , i studied maths but could not study law,
then the driver came to pick me up and took me to tech society , which is my grand parents house,
for some reason i suddenly felt so angry and miserable,
angry with my self and at the world,
i listened to music like by Bryan Adams and also by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan,
i have never felt so angry with life as i did today ,
i don't know why i did,
from there i went to the book shop called "readings" in Lahore.
i spent 15 to 20 minutes there , i came across many books which includes"the gay science" by Friedrich Nietzsche
and also "a clergyman's daughter" by George Orwell
i bought "a case of exploding mangoes"
by mohommad hanif and "reading lolita in tehran"
by Azar Nafisi,
i looked at books and then went to macdonalds.
i hope that the compulsions end and i am abale to enjoy in Singapore!.
obsessive compulsive disorder it worst than hell and is nerve wrecking,.
i hope these compulsion stop and i am able to enjoy
,go to the book shops in singapore and dance the nigth away like i did in Bangkok,
regards,Danial Tanvir,.

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