Saturday, January 7, 2012

readings book shop Lahore!,.

readings is a great book shop in Lahore,Pakistan,.
it is a small book shop and has alot to offer,
it is different sections of books , some about religion , some about philosophy and romance, novels,etc,.
it is a great book shop and the prices are absolutely amazing.
there is a section where you can get novels in a good condition for 25 , 20 and even 10 rupees,.

and the books are in a good condition,.
it is unbelievable,.
i have been to this book shop many times and you can get almost any kind of book from there,
it is one of the best book shops i have been to,.
i have bought many books from there , which includes
"three junes' by Julia Glass,.
which was a national book award winner,
"all the pretty horses" by Cormac macCarthy
,which also won the national book award,
"right ho jeeves" by PG Wood House as my father alway tells me to read PG WoodHouse,
and Friderich Nietzsche 'thus spoke zarathsutra'
the prices are great ,i have not read any of these books but i will wheni am free,.
i read 12 pages of the book "the number one ladies detective agency" by Alexander mcCall Smith,.
i love that book shop,
this is what i like about Lahore , my other favourite place is "coffee,tea and company" , as the locals call it "ctc",
i like to sit there , i have a plate of french fries , a chocolate dutch milk shake and a chocolate cookie!,.
bye,Danial Tanvir,.

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