Friday, January 6, 2012

my trip to Nepal,2010.

i had taken a flight to karachi from Islamabad and then a flight on to and my father visited Nepal , we decided to go there because it was close by and because Pakistanis do not need a visato go father had traveled there before as i arrived late night in Kathmandu , it was dark and i was sleepy and tired so i went off to the coming days when i was in Nepal ,i roamed the streets of thamel .the streets of thamel were amazing.after every few steps you can find a book shop or a CD shop.the book shops are amazing and the books are cheap , you can findalmost any kind of book over there.i think that there must be more book shops in thamel then there are in the whole of pakistan.there were countless small book shops but the ones which i liked were "the summit book shop' and "the pilgrimage book shop"i am a book lover and i went crazy over there with so many book shops.i discovered more of Kathmandu including the night life of thamel.the night life was amazing. there were countless night clubs and people were enjoying them selves.we discovered a cafe which was known as "the reggae bar'out of all the bars "the reggae bar" was the best.people went wild over there and partied all the reggae bar , every day there was a band performing live music and there was a balcony from where you can seethe buildings of Kathmandu .every one was interested in seeing the foot ball matches over there.we used to go there every night and rock the dance floor , people were enjoying them selves and they were smoking and drinking the night away.they did not care about any thing , they just wanted to enjoy their lives.the tourists over there are very friendly.i enjoyed my trip to Kathmandu a can find people from all over the world from Brazil to is difficult to find a Pakistani over there.Nepal although under developed is a free country in the sense that you have the freedom to do what you want to do and what you wantto believe in.i met a lady who had met dalai lame and a man from south Africa who had met nelson mandela.Nepal is a fabulous country.for a long time i had been wanting to meet some Buddhist saints.i visited many temples over there and prayed over there.i met many Buddhist monks who preached me about Buddhism.Buddhists are very nice and peace loving people.there were a lot of Buddhist monks in Nepal and there are count less temples over there.we went to meet a Buddhist monk but he was busy and we were un able to meet him.there were a lot of books and information available over there .they recommended a book called "what makes you not a Buddhist"my father liked the Buddhist monasteries so much that he wanted to come and live in Nepal and learnmore about Buddhism.they do not even harm animals.i also went to some mosques where i met the imam.we took the mountain flight to see the mount everest.we also went to another city called pokhara which was so beautiful and there was a lake in the middle of it.we made many friends.we lived in different hotels and spent count less hours on the streets of thamel which was amazing.on the last night i rocked the dance floor and every one was dancing around me.i had a great time in Nepal and it was a trip of a life time.i would recommend people to visit this amazing country and specially the streets of thamel which were out of this world!.

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