Friday, January 6, 2012

why i believe in Aliens and in UFO'S?.

I believe that there are many planets and many forms of life and it is too obvious that there are aliens.I am sure that there are aliens and UFOs and it could even be true that they could be monitoring us and know every thing that we do , they could be monitoring the frequency of our thoughts and if some one suits the criteria then they abduct him. how can it be that there is such a big universe and it keeps on going on and on and there is no other form of life , how can it be , there just has to be life out side earth and the aliens have been visiting us , I strongly believe in the existence of aliens.they will take me and they will teach and educate me and they how ever are much more advanced then us , they are above all this , they gave up on these things many decades ago and I mean God and religion!. I am so happy about this , they are already here and they have built underground tunnels like in the "dragon's triangle" and in the "Bermuda triangle" and they how ever are monitoring all of us and they don't want to harm us although they can so for that you should thank them and did I tell you about my dream in which the alien was so excited to have me on board a space ship , well maybe that was real and maybe they abducted me from my room inIslamabad a few months ago!. they're coming and I got this great enlightenment in around November , 2007 when Shirley McClain came on Larry king live and helped me as well as gaveme the great message!. it could be that the aliens know every thing about us and are much more advanced than us but then why did they not contact us but they are friendly people because they are much more advanced than us and they could have destroyed us but they did not so they are much more advanced than us. the aliens might come soon to us. maybe they are trying to give us some special hidden message. when some one talks about the existence of aliens or UFOs , other people take it as a joke , they can relate aliens and UFOs to the cartoons that little children watch but they can not think for them selves , that there is a possibility , a very strong possibility and likelihood that there is life out side earth I am sure in my belief that there is life out side earth and that there are many civilizations of aliens out there.

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