Saturday, January 7, 2012

books should not be so expensive in Pakistan.

for a country to progress its people must be educated.
education is knowledge and where does knowledge come from?.the answer is simple =books.books are a man's best friends,this is the saying of authors,intellectuals and poets.
how ever the books in our country Pakistan are very expensive for the common man to afford.
in our neighbouring country India, the books are very cheap and is in reach of the common man in Pakistan it is totally opposite.this is a grave situation and some thing must be done about this.if we want to flourish as a nation we must encourage people to read book,
already hardly any one reads books and by making them so expensive , we are discouragingpeople from reading books.this is must be changed and the government should do some thing to decrease the price of books.
what the government should do is that they should remove all taxes from the import of books and should also publish the books locally.

how can a country progress when we do not encourage people to be educated.
we should also upgrade our libraries and there should be more libraries made so that people can be educatedand read and do not have to spend money on buying books.all these steps will encourage people to read and people will gain knowledge and we will thrive and progressas a sovereign state. we must find a solution to these kinds of problems.this would be a great service to humanity.

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