Thursday, January 12, 2012

what is life?

what is life all about ?
why are we here?
why are we in this world?
why is this happening to us?
we are born in to this world with no fault of our own?
why is life so miserbale?
why is there so much injustice and misery in the world?
why is there unspekable pain every where in this world?
why cant i get rid of obsessive compulsive disorder?
why is life is miserbale and worth less?.
why ?.
there are just less than 2 weeks before going to Singapore,
i really hope that the compulsions end before that , hope fully,
i will be gone on the bus from lahore to islamabad,
from there to dubai to sinagpore to malaysia , back to singapore , to dubai and to islamabad,
that is cool
i enjoyed looking at the books in the book shop today "readings"
i hope i have a party time ,.
regards,Danial Tanvir,.

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