Saturday, January 7, 2012

obsessive compulsive disorder and singapore!.

well helllo there,
today i woke up and started feeling un well,
i had the compulsions, i had to touch the switches in the porch and the balcony three times,
dam, it was terrible,
it still bothers me,
i like to blog,
since i can write any thing on my blog,
i might be going to Islamabad in a few days time from where i will fly off to sinagpore,./
i hope i have a blast over there,
i do like Gandhi,.
i will part all night long only if it was not for these compulsions,.
i will be on dubai airport for a few hours and will get the visa for malaysia from singapore,
this is great,
but the compulsions still bother me,.
bye,danial tanvir,.

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