Saturday, January 7, 2012

Singapore,here i come!.


well hello there,
today i did not do much,
i just checked my mail and blogged alot.
i got a few emails from author Mohsin Hamid ,
he told me that he had read Frederich Nietzsche,.
he recommended me to read "a case of exploding mangoes" by Mohommad Hanif and also "cloud atlas"by David Mitchell,.
i hope i will be able to read books soon,.
i still have obsessive compulsive disorder, have to do things again and again like closing taps,drawers,switches,drawers,cupboards,etc.
i have to touch the switches in the balcony and close taps in a room in islamabad,
this is just a small example of all the compulsions i have,.
i do miss Canada , specially the hard rock cafe in Toronto,.
i have many books to read,
i am really looking forward to going to Singapore,
i hope that there are good book shops over there,.
i will have a party time over there,.
i really like the x files and specially the movies "national treasure"
and "national treasure:book of secrets'
i love that movie,.i cant wait to go to the book shops in singapore,.
like i had a blast in Bangkok,
and i hope that the compulsions end soon.
i will also be gone to the London Olympics in september,2012.
i would have gone to Bangkok if it was not for the floods.
bye,Danial Tanvir,.

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