Friday, January 6, 2012

my trip to Thailand ,2011.

me and my father decided to go to Thailand as it was easy to get a visa and because Bangkok was just a few hours flight away from Islamabad,.i had never been to Thailand although my father had,.it was my first time in Thailand so i was very excited and was looking forward to going there,.i boarded the plane from Thailand from Islamabad,.the air hostesses greeted me and were very Friendly..we reached Bangkok and we travelled on the sky train to our hotel, the sky trainis the train that runs through the city,.we checked in to a hotel,.the city was amazing, the sky line was wonderful , the skyline of Bangkok can be compares with new yorkor with any big city,.there were countless high rise building and there are tourists from all around the world , Germany,Canada,France , etc,.the traffic of Bangkok is at least hundred times the traffic of Islamabad , Islamabad seems to be a smallvillage as compared to Bangkok.the malls of Bangkok go on and on for miles,.
my father had always told me about "the khao san road"this is where we stayed , the name of the hotel we stayed in was called "villa cha cha"
the khao san road is a tourist destination in Bangkok, it is a lovely place , the streets go on and on and it is full of disco's and night clubs , in fact the whole of Bangkok is full of night clubs and every one is in a mood to party,i really liked the khao sanroad , i had lots of fun talking to foreignersand exchanging emails with them,it was great , i had a time of my life,i never enjoyed so much as i did in Bangkok , the hotel was great and the people are very lovingand kind,.
there also good books where you can get books in English although some of the books are in Thai,.there are places where they give you a massage and there is a fish spa.there are countless stalls where they serve you banana chocolate pan cakes,.Buddhists are very peace ful people ,.they are hundreds of hotel and restaurants , they go on and on.
after visiting Bangkok , we flew our to was a flight of one and a half hour to phuket from Bangkok.i arrived in phuket , how ever it was raining.i went all over the city , there were some shopping malls as well as some food courts,you could find Starbucks and burger kings every where,i went to the beach of phuket m it was amazing , it was truly magical , i have been to Hawaii,i have seen the beach of Hawaii and trust me it was much better , i stayed in phuket for a few days , went to the night clubs , metpeople from all around the world,the head line of the trip was that i did snorkeling in the sea near some thing which is calledthe Phi Phi island and what is even more amazing in that i i did para sailing in phuket,there was a rope tied to the boat and i was up in the sky with the parachute , i could see all of Phuket from up there and i was shouting,.
It was great and i had a blast of a time, .the best place i liked was the Khao san road ,i enjoyed that a lot,. i will never forget this trip and i would like to go to Thailand again and again ,.Thailand is a great country and a major tourist attraction and the people are very good and peaceful!.

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